Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Photographed Together, Begging For Attention

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Photographed Together, Begging For Attention 1015

The Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sightings continue! Apparently they were just spotted partying at a friend’s birthday party at the Chateau Marmont and just last night grabbed drinks at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz. Only this time was special. There’s a picture! It’s confirmed! Robsten be praised!

Smells like reconciliation, right? Or is it more like a set-up? Whatever it is, it doesn’t look all the joyous. The couple appears to be on the moody side and Kristen’s throwing some major shade towards the photog. I can’t blame her on that one but a smile would have been a nice sign that the two are actually back together and not just posing for the cameras.

Because you kind of get that feeling, right? TMZ points out that Kristen and Rob are one month away from promoting the final Twilight movie. Are they coming out to drum up suspense for their red carpet walk together or have they grown tired of hiding their reconciled love from fans? By the size of the crowd at the bar, TMZ smells a set-up. “There was enough of a crowd to ensure someone was going to notice,” TMZ wrote. It would explain the sour mugs and the timing. But would Rob and Kristen play us like that? Oh sure! The tension of are they or aren’t they is good for business and the studios know that. The promotions for the first two films were based on it!

And the increased sightings might also be damage control for Rob’s recent partying in NYC. He was just spotted chatting up and getting cozy with Savannah Miller a couple weeks ago leading some to believe Rob and Kristen were just pretending to be back together for the studio. Was he going rogue on the game plan? Did Summit have to ship him back to LA and force him to hang with the trampire that broke his heart because he was ruining the reconciliation story? The naysayers were getting pretty loud and wild. If Kristen and Rob were back together like they said then why haven’t there been any pics of them? Well, their questions were answered last night.

So are you a believer? If this super private couple managed to stay invisible this long why would they choose to come out now if not for the publicity? What do you make of the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson photographed together conspiracies? It doesn’t necessarily mean they are back together, right? Could it mean just the opposite?

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12 responses to “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Photographed Together, Begging For Attention”

  1. ToriBorn says:

    Doubt it’s PR, they have both said what they think of that before.

  2. cris k says:

    Finally we have proof, they are a couple as ever!! I wish all the happiness in the world …… I am so happy for them!!

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  5. Not actions of a loving couple says:

    Didn’t look like they were a couple to me. Looked like Rob was cheating with the girl in the skirt until another guy said something to him, he stopped rubbing the girls back, dropped his arm quick and looked over at Kristen who looked hurt. The other guys were trying to block Kristen’s view from Rob until the dark blonde girl went over to Kristen and said something to her and then the guy next to Rob said something to Rob after looking at Kristen.Maybe that is how he treats KS when they go out parting he gets drunk which was easy to see for he was having a hard time standing up. Kept swaying and moving from foot to foot like drunks do while he had the girl tucked into his side rubbing her back. When he did finally go over to KS he looked disgusted with her while she tried to show him affection and then he finally walked off with her trailing him. Not once to he treat her with the same kind of affection he was showing the girl in the skirt. Boyfriend, I don’t think so or hope not. Does anyone know who the girl in the skirt was ? If this is what Kristen endures when they go out no wonder she went looking for greener pastures. I hope they are not together she deserves better.

  6. Pat says:

    Are you sure they are the ones who are the couple? Looked like Pattinson was cuddleing with the gir in the skirt. He looked disgusted when he had to go over to Kristen and then he just ignored her and walked off. You call this being in a relationship? He looked like a drunk jerk to me. Hope she moves away from him soon and lets him hang with the other drunks. I noticed she wasn’t staggering and swaying like the others.

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  9. They were “caught” cuddling. Ooooo. That’s a shocker. Man I care very little about this and I wish that very untalented girl had never gotten her hands on Robert Pattinson. I hate twilight but he’s a good actor and it sucks she s going to always be with him no matter how hard he divorces her after this.

    • Guest says:

      I am so sick of how his fans put down the victim in this entire mess with Pattinson. Kristen is the victim here not Pattinson. He has been cheating on her for years with Jessica Devlin but stayed with Kristen because he knew in that relationship he was more marketable and could gain a bigger profit than being with an actress who was not famous yet. He has been using Kristen all this time and you fools believe everythig he tells you. Open your eyes and see what is going on. He asked Kristen to move out in June so he could move Jessica in his home in July but the fans went crazy when there was a possibility of a split so he is playing the boyfriend to the public girlfriend until after Twilight where he will dump Kristen again and I bet you will start seeing him parading around and introducing Jessica to all his contacts soon. He is not the person you think he is. Just go and read the article Actor has Public Girlfriend and Private Girlfriend. Then tell me how you can lower your standards to praise and promote someone who does this to women to gain money and power. If you think this is allowed then what does this say about your morals of what is right and wrong for a relationship. I can’t believe how he used Kristen to improve his status in Hollywood at the expense of another and his fans.

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  11. Disgusted says:

    I am so tired of hearing about Kristen cheating on Robert Pattinson when he has had girlfriend he visits in New York when he gets tired of being with Kristen since the relationship started in 2009. This needs to come out for he dated Jessica Devlin during meber Me filming but the word had not gotten out he was an item with Kristen yet. When it looked like his career would be more marketable and profitable for him if he and Kristen were an item he broke up with Jessica Devlin and started dating Kristen. Jessica remained friends with Rob in the hopes he would take her back and allowed him to be seen with Kristen but sleep with her when he tired of Kristen. So Mr. Pattinson has been cheating on Kristen from the very beginning but let Kristen take all the blame for cheating on him even when he had broken up with Kristen in June to be with Jessica in public now that his career was taking off and he didn’t need Kristen anymore.Jessica Devlin is an actress too who is now starting to gain attention so Pattinson can be allowed to be seen in public with her now. He told Kristen to move out in June so Jessica could move into his Los Feliz love nest with him. He has flown to New York and London to meet up with Jessica more now that his career is more established. She was introduced and partied with him, Tom and Sienna in September at the bar in New York. I think he owes Kristen Stewart and her fans an apology for using us to market and gain profit for his career. If you want to read about the true Robert Pattinson then go to [link removed] they just exposed who they were discussing and it was all about Rob and how he promotes himself to the public. Look for Actor with Public Girlfriend and Private Girlfriend and tell me this is not about Pattinson. He is disgusting and we are folls to keep promoting this guy’s image as that of a gentleman