Kristen Stewart Broke Cheating News To Robert Pattinson Before Teen Choice Awards

Kristen Stewart Broke Cheating News To Robert Pattinson Before Teen Choice Awards 0726

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson put up a solid front on stage at last weekend’s Teen Choice Awards but what went on backstage is a totally different story. Page Six reports the couple (for now) were spotted behind the curtains fighting and Kristen was pleading with Rob while he probably looked like he did when Bella Swan forced him to reveal his sparkles for the first time.

“Rob and Kristen were having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading,” a source told Page Six.

Did she break his heart right before the awards show? We need to go over the timeline together and try to work this out. Lainey Gossip says Us Weekly told Kristen’s people that they were going to use the pics on Monday giving them one day to come up with a statement and to tell everyone before the sh-t hit the fan. Thanks a bunch for the 24-hour heads up Us Weekly!

However, another source told Page Six that after learning she’d been caught in the act, Kristen had begged the photographer not to publish the pictures, “then was forced to own up to Rob late last week” adding, “Rob is deeply in love with Kristen and is very jealous when other men hit on her. This will crush him.”

So which is true? If we believe Lainey, then Rob didn’t know about the affair at Teen Choice but Page Six says Kristen fessed up late last week. To me that means before or on Sunday.

Rob actually looked pretty carefree and happy on the stage at the awards show when he gave his surfboard trophy away to his fans in the audience, not like a guy who just found out his girlfriend ripped his heart out and ate it for the whole world to see. He’s never acted that good in any movie so I can’t believe he could be that jocular if Kristen told him she cheated moments before. But why would they fight? What would she have to plead about? And why would she pick the bad timing as right before an awards show with their craziest, most ardent fans?

Did anyone out there watch the Teen Choice Awards? Did you notice anything off between the couple? Did Rob look like he’d just been given the catastrophic news?


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