Photo Proof That Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Cheated (Photos)

Photo Proof That Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Cheated (Photos) 0725

For those of you Twihards holding on to your fragile hope that Kristen Stewart didn’t cheat on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, you should probably stop reading now. And definitely don’t click to see the photo proof. The photos are graphic, damning and incredibly real.

Us Weekly reports everything went down on July 17 when Kristen got a call on her cell phone while on the way back from the gym. After the call, she stopped driving home and instead parked in a deserted lot and waited for Sanders. After they met up they drove around LA looking for secluded places to make out. “At each stop ‘he was all over her’ says one photographer. Stewart and the director, who started working together last August, ‘Would only take a break when they thought someone was walking by. It seemed like they couldn’t get enough’.”

At one point the magazine says Kristen jutted herself up against the driver’s side door and Rupert started “kissing her entire body”. The photographer noted that Rupert seemed really nervous but Kristen was “more swept up in the moment.” Kristen and Sanders also drove to a secluded park area called Pacific View Trail, and when they took a break cheating on their significant others, left the confines of their love shack mobile to admire the view. That’s how you get the photo of Sanders leaning up behind her and nuzzling her ear. It’s not photo-shopped people! This is for reals!

To make matters worse, when they truly finished, Kristen dropped him off a couple blocks away from the home he shares with his wife, Liberty Ross, and their two children, so he could walk the rest of the way home. She then returned to the place she shares with Rob. Classy.

Does this seem like the one and only time? That’s what Kristen’s saying, that it was a one-time lapse in judgement and she’s devastated. When I think about one-time make out sessions I think impassioned, spur on the moment stuff, not phone calls and calculated rendezvous in cars. What do you make of the pics? Does this look like it was the first time these two made out or just the first time they were caught?

Photo Proof That Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Cheated (Photos) 0725Photo Proof That Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Cheated (Photos) 0725Photo Proof That Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Cheated (Photos) 0725

  • di di

    Am actually really disappointed for some strange reason.Liked them as a couple.She’s kinda ruined everything for herself.Will be a hard one to come back from.

  • What a dirty whore.

    • Hogpaynter

       Now we know what she is good at, she need to make a porno  “Not so Snow White rides the Huntsman”

      • Maybe her portrayal will be more believable. She lacks emotion otherwise.

  • Debbiebuster2001

    Wrong what she’s done , but shes only 22 and who knows the whole story, it’s not us. BUT, she did a bad thing and needs to fix it w/Rob.

  • dena


  • delia

    Wow. what a way to ruin the good thing you had with Rob…. How devasting and with a married man that is not worth it … But hey its Hollywood, and there is never a fairy tale ending in the hollywood world…. :(

  • Outcold78

    its kinda creepy seeing that old guy all over her…I mean it seems like he is the one that started it but still she could have said no..I dont think her career is ruined cuz of this,shes young and you make lots of mistakes at that age ,Im sure this one she’ll regret her whole life.

  • Cici jones

    I wonder how this is going to affect the new twilight thats coming out. This going to be funny as hell

  • Tattedstarz

    i’m not even going to ask about the last picture….

    • I was thinking the same thing.. Like WHAT are they doing in the last picture?!?! Ugh…Poor Rob!

  • from Bella Swan to BELLA SWINE….

  • Twelvegooses

    I am disappointed in her…I guess having everything simply is not enough for some people…feel bad for Robert but he can do better…I hope he moves on and not back to her…the fall promos for BD 2 should be interesting…

  • what a crap…aren´t motels around LA???, don´t they earn enough to get a room??? what a whore:::

  • JasmineBaker

    Can everybody stop picking on her? if you like her you shouldn’t care what she does, so what if she cheated?! i really like her and this doesn’t change that, because if you’re a true fan you shouldn’t care, it’s her life and she can do what the f*ck she wants!
    and btw, she’s NOT a swine! she’s a real person, more then you’ll ever be!

    i’ll always support you kristen, no matter what!

    • Karate_chick005

      “If you like her, you shouldn’t care what she does?” Where’s the f*cking logic in this? How are you supposed to judge someone’s character if not of their actions? Please use your brain.

      • Frogmo21

        What people do in their private life short of physically harming other people is their own business. She’s right. Where was all this judgement when Polanski was being charged with the sodomy of a 13 year old. Kristen Stewart is still young and chances are it wasn’t going to last (obviously).

  • anonymous

    Nuh ah. Heard he packed up his bags and left the house that they were sharing. Good for him.

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  • Val

    whata hore she didnt have been paid yet for her role, so she could afford a nice hotel with jacuzzi? she had to do it in the car for the whole world to see

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  • MAMI808


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  • 54USaw

    she is so sick b***h

  • Guys, don’t call her a whore. Whores are usually lost runaways who get forced into the business and have pimps who beat the shit out of them. We call people like this a “slut.” Or “skank.” Bottomline: don’t diss a whore. Prostitutes do it because they’ll get gutted or shot. She clearly mixed business with pleasure.