Kristen Stewart Says She Is Not A Real Star – Modest or Bitch?

Kristen Stewart Says She Is Not A Real Star - Modest or Bitch?

Finally! I doubted this day would ever come—the day Kristen Stewart publicly admitted that she is not a real actress! Sure, she starred in a few popular movies, but acting—the no guts, no glory kind, the kind where you drop 30 pounds in a month, or live in a hut in Alaska to prepare for a role—she hasn’t done any of that! The mediocre Twilight actress attended the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit in New York a few weeks back, and yelled the confession to a giggling group of adoring fans.

A source reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 7, 2013, that when asked for an autograph by some tweens, she snapped, “Don’t you now who’s here tonight? legends, that’s who! Real stars like Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and The Who! You shouldn’t even be noticing me!” I for one appreciate the honesty. Sure, the delivery was harsh, but kids need to learn that there’s more to life than worshiping the girl-who-played-a-girl-who-curled-up-into-a ball-and-went-numb-for-6-months-after-her-vampire-boyfriend-dumped-her.

Did you follow that? It can’t be easy for Kristen to admit her own shortcomings, but it’s a step! Maybe she’s trying to improve her karma by admitting defeat and striving to contribute more to the world than just Bella, a horrid role model with low self-esteem.

This admission comes just days after Robert Pattinson had nothing good to say about his Christmas tradition, despite having been dating her for at least three holiday seasons! The two spent Christmas apart (he just got drunk alone in London), but are rumored to be eying a new costarring role in a remake of The Sandpiper. Rumor has it, Rob is only staying with Kristen because her name on a movie means big money, while his name does nothing—if Cosmopolis and Bel Ami are any proof!  Even though the girl can’t act to save her life, people pay to see her on screen! It’s like some weird, hypnotizing spell. Maybe it has something to do with her sighing pattern? Do you think Kristen is selling herself short, or is she a real star too?

4 responses to “Kristen Stewart Says She Is Not A Real Star – Modest or Bitch?”

  1. fefrsg says:

    BS. Rob has a bigger fanbase than the bitch. The only swath earned anything is because Snow White sells itself & Charlize & Chris.. everyone agrees Kstew was the worst thing about the movie.

  2. pfft says:

    Noway, this bitch is too self important to put actual talent above herself,

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  4. Jo says:

    Hmmmm…everyody really hates this girl. My God, what has she done to you people? Can anybody write something new already? MOVE ON!!!