Kristen Stewart Topless (Photo)

Kristen Stewart Topless (Photo)

Is Kristen Stewart naked in her latest film? Yes, sir!  The Twilight star and all-round terrible actress, is starring in Walter Salles‘ new film “On the Road”. The plot follows three characters on a road trip. There is nudity, sex scenes and a threesome with two men, which oddly resembles the Spanish erotic road trip film “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, with Gael Garcia Bernal.

Kristen stars alongside Garret Hedlund (Friday Night Lights) and Sam Riley (Control).  Walter Salles is famous for his atmospheric work, which includes Motorcycle Diaries and the remake of the J-Horror, Dark Water. Salles knows how to evoke emotion from something as simplistic as the gentle lapping of water on a boat crossing a river in South America. He is a powerful, heavy handed director and brings a prevailing ambiance to his cinematic work.

“On The Road” was lauded at the Cannes Film Festival and received all round critical praise. The film is based on the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name about Jack’s travels in the USA in the 40’s with his friend Neal Cassady and several other people who went on to become icons in their own right, such as Allen Ginsberg.

The official film plot follows the same basic theme and according to the film’s Wikipedia plot outline, it looks to be a great one, “Following the death of his father, struggling young writer Sal Paradise embarks upon a journey across America with his friend and hero, Dean Moriarty, traveler and mystic, the living epitome of beat.”

Naked people, sexual encounters and all round hedonism! It sounds like any ordinary day at the office…  In true Salles style, he ordered Stewart and Hedlund to strip down on the first day of shooting, because nothing breaks the ice like a third nipple and a small penis!

See the picture above of Kristen Stewart’s bleeped out nips and prepare yourself for one of the most sexual films since Neo-Spanish erotica became all the rage.  See the uncensored pic here!

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