Kristen Stewart Topless Photos Released (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Topless Photos Released (Photos) 1003

I don’t think we’re in Forks anymore Toto. In an ironic turn of events, Kristen Stewart topless photos emerged around the same time as Twilight debuted its last promotional posters for Breaking Dawn – Part 2. On the one side we’ve got Kristen as Bella fighting alongside Robert Pattinson and her fellow vampires with a new bad ass confidence. On the other we have a sheepish, naked Kristen Stewart as Marylou in the upcoming On the Road. Well, we can say one thing for her. She has range.

Much has been made about Kristen’s jump away from the virginal Bella. Along with the nudity, Kristen participates in some risqué stuff for the film including threesomes and blow jobs. But she told E! News back in May she was actually pretty comfortable with all the naked limbs flying around – most of the time:

“I genuinely did feel so completely comfortable that watching it now even I’m like ‘Whoa!‘” Kristen told E! News about some of the more risqué fare involved in the movie—which btw, includes nudity, threesomes and some seriously sexy scenes for those not in the know. “Which is fine, that’s the way I should react to it. I’m so not like her, as I’ve said, but um…”

And when K.Stew got momentarily tongue tied, Garrett took over, explaining, “Our first day of shooting was answering the door naked and her being in bed over there.” Um, solid way to start things off with a bang! And leave it to K. Stew to plunge head first into the part:

“That was maybe the one day I didn’t feel as free as I did,” Kristen continued before trailing off. “We got to the point, but…”

If Kristen could do it all over again do you think this would be the first film that came out after the cheating scandal? If she could do it all over again she probably would have thought twice about Rupert Sanders. She’s got to be over caring about the scandal. She’s made her appearances and seems to be back with Rob so these little photos shouldn’t give her anymore of a backlash than she’s already faced, right?

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    it doesnt matter Rupert shared everything with Rob already.disgusting