Kristen Stewart’s On The Road To Easy Sex

Kristen Stewart’s On The Road To Easy Sex

Kristen Stewart’s latest film, directed by the unsurpassed Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries), contains an unusual amount of adult content for the below average faux actress. On The Road has been touted as a “sexual road trip film”, much like the neo-Spanish erotic drama “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, and is based on the road trip novel of Jack Kerouac.

Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Viggo Mortensen star in the Francis Ford Coppola produced film that is already garnering a considerable amount of interest in the film industry.  Hedlund was recently interviewed by IO Donna magazine about the awkward sexual scenes with Stewart in the film. According to Hedlund, the at times difficult sexual scenes were made easier by the director and Stewart. One wouldn’t expect any sex scene to be easy with Stewart, now would you? Hedlund said, “We felt strangely at ease… We were into our characters, we let ourselves go. Into the room there were just me, Kristen and Walter (Salles): ‘Let her slide her hand on her back, do this, do that.” We cannot help but wonder whether Stewart was “directed” in this way by Rupert Sanders and Robert Pattinson during their sexual exploits.

The “actress” has suffered from severe over-acting method during her short career in the film industry and has been touted by many film critics as “the worst actress of the decade”.  Stewart’s career was blasted into the stratosphere by the fast-food Twilight franchise, which cemented her as one of the most famous new actresses in Hollywood. The actress starred in several smaller indie hits, including the excellent “The Runaways” alongside Dakota Fanning, and used these smaller films to build up her “acting rep” in the industry. If this latest “On The Road” film bombs critically, Stewart might receive a one-way ticket to ridicule. Luckily for Stewart, if all else fails, she might do well as a dead cheater on a nondescript episode of CSI?

Would you be able to do a sexual scene in a film? Do you think it is easy? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so shoot off in the comments below.

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  1. Carlos Aona says:

    Kristen is the best actor on earth. Adult content !! How usual!! She is an adult so why the bell would she not play an adult role?