Lane Garrison Wanted By Police After Beating And Injuring Playboy Playmate Girlfriend (Video)

Lane Garrison Wanted By Police After Beating And Injuring Playboy Playmate Girlfriend (Video)

Lane Garrison and his Playboy playmate girlfriend Ashley Mattingly got into a drunken brawl Saturday night – at least Lane was drunk according to Ashley– and the actor and convicted felon fled the scene when Ashley called 911.  Police are currently looking for Lane to ‘discuss’ felony domestic violence with the brute.

This is the second time in 2 months that police were called to rescue Ashley from an unstable Lane.  The first incident was explained away by Lane as a massive misunderstanding as an argument between the couple got out of control.  This time Lane will have a harder time explaining things since Ashley bears the marks of his assault, according to law enforcement sources.

Earlier in the day, Ashely tweeted, “sooo happy to be single again from @LaneGarrison9 bye bye :) hahahaha.” When someone called her out for being mean, she tweeted back, “no drunk a** is trying to brake into my apt!

Lane spent over 3 years in jail – in protective custody – after pleading guilty to the felony charges of vehicular manslaughter, drunken driving, and providing alcohol to a minor.  Looks like Lane just might not have learned his lesson yet…

TMZ has the exclusive: Lane Garrison  is under investigation for allegedly hurting his girlfriend … sources tell TMZ.

Cops won’t confirm who the alleged victim is … but we’re told Lane and girlfriend Ashley Mattingly got into another big verbal blowout Saturday night. Cops got a 911 domestic violence call and responded to the scene. When  they arrived, they saw “visible marks” on Mattingly.

Sources say the verbal argument escalated to a physical brawl.

By the time cops arrived, Lane had split. Now he’s under investigation for felony domestic violence.

On the video you see Mattingly speaking to police outside Lane’s apt.

Lane has yet to speak to police about the incident.