LeAnn Rimes Gets Almost Naked On Holidays (Photos)

LeAnn Rimes Gets Almost Naked On Holidays (Photo)

LeAnn Rimes almost got naked on holiday. Phew! What a (bum)mer.  The 29-year-old songstress was spotted in Los Angeles last weekend as she modeled two types of swimwear. Her husband Eddie Cibrian was on hand to check out his wife. They were joined by two other friends who we hope were friends and not Ted Bundy wannabes…

Oh what is a girl to do when she has to choose between two bathing suits? Do you go with the tussles or the ruffles?  The first choice was a peach coloured bikini that had drawstring bottoms and a ruffled crop top. It resembled our grandma’s doilies when she had her friends over one afternoon and they remarked that her doilies were “so fitting”.

A cold breeze kicked up and LeAnn grabbed a brown leather jacket to cover her slender figure. She kept her bottom part exposed. LeAnn stretched with her hands behind her head and became the first person in history to make a boob doily sexy.

LeAnn’s friend, who was clothed in a bright orange bikini and sweater, removed the sweater as the sun peeked out behind the clouds again. LeAnn’s multiple identity disorder resulted in her going from gran-kini-LeAnn into a light turquoise oh-my-gosh-I’m-hot bikini. She donned a baseball cap and went from LeAnn to Bro-ann.

Oh wait two different bathing suits and two different personalities still weren’t enough? LeAnn slipped on a cropped sweater which was emblazoned with the American flag and joined her tired looking husband on the deck.

We caught you there, didn’t we? You thought to yourself, “Oh wait, let me just open an incognito window on Google Chrome and watch Leann get naked… Click. Click. Click… Duh…

Now, where did we put that LeAnn Rimes poster that resembles a 90’s catalog model?