Liam Hemsworth Orders Miley Cyrus Out Of His Life

Liam Hemsworth Orders Miley Cyrus Out Of His Life 0801

Miley Cyrus is annoying. Some of us have already figured it out but it’s taken Liam Hemsworth longer than most because he loves her and she has a hot body. But all that pilates isn’t stopping Liam from getting fed up with the unemployed actress and ordering her off his latest movie set.

Liam suggested Miley leave Philadelphia where he’s shooting her new movie, Paranoia, and go back to Los Angeles because she’s just too damn distracting. Apparently, all Miley wants to do when Liam gets home from work is chew his ear off about her busy days shopping with no bra on and the newest $200 jeans she ripped short to show off her plump and lifted ass cheeks. All Liam wants to do is sleep and prepare for his role. See Miley? This is why Liam has jobs and you are… in between engagements. According to Female First magazine:

A source told website RadarOnline: “Miley is driving Liam crazy at the moment. While he’s on set in Philadelphia shooting his new film ‘Paranoia’, she gallivants around town shopping, getting pampered in nail salons and just can’t sit still.

“Then, when she sees Liam after he’s finished filming, she chews his ear off about her adventures and can’t wait to tell him what she did that day.

“With the early starts and late finishes, all Liam wants to do is rest, go through his script so he’s ready for his role and order a takeout or go for a quiet dinner.”

The insider continued: “But Miley wants to go to the local gay bars and hit up fancy restaurants, which Liam just isn’t in the mood for.

“And it doesn’t help that Miley brought along their bulldog, Ziggy for the trip. Liam can’t get a good night’s sleep with Ziggy snoring next to him.

“So, Liam’s told Miley that he’s in Philadelphia to work and can’t focus with her buzzing around him. He even suggested perhaps it was time for her to go back home.”

I don’t think Miley will leave. She’s horribly insecure over her relationship with Liam and was even acting a fool with Emma Roberts when she filmed with him last. You know who’s in Paranoia? Amber Heard! Miley may be annoying but she isn’t dumb. She reads the tabloids and isn’t about to be another Vanessa Paradis. Ya, she’s not leaving that set any time soon. Liam made his bed, now he has to sleep in it with a snoring dog.

Do you think Miley should hit the road and let Liam get back to his work or should he just learn how to deal with her? This can’t be good for a young relationship. I know they’re in love and want to spend all their time together but Miley has to let Liam carve out a career in Hollywood. He can’t be forever known as Miley Cyrus’s fiance. I hope these two don’t get married soon. They need the time and Liam needs the space!


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