Lil Wayne’s Got ’99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One’

Lil Wayne's Got '99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One'

Young Money’s Lil’ Wayne has officially ended his relationship with his fiancee Deah after dating for a year. Now you might be wondering ‘why did this happen?’ Well Lil’ Wayne believed that Deah was just with him so that she could make fame off of his name, so he dumped her. Now I tend to think that is complete bullshit! Why would someone want to gain fame off of his name?

Now I’m going to be a complete dick with this, Lil’ Wayne in my opinion is a horrible and untalented rapper and I still don’t even know why he tries anymore… It’s kind of sad to see. I don’t know if dumping her was a good thing or a bad thing really. Although, lucky for her, she will now no longer be known as being the “fiancee of one of the all time worst rappers in history.

It really doesn’t seem like that long ago when Weezy gave Dhea that “huge” rock by putting the ring into a dessert when they were out to dinner.  There were even rumours that the ring was an amazing 12 karats costing around a million dollars, I wonder if he got the ring back first?

After Weezy got engaged, he tweeted, “I feel like I’ve died and went to Dhea” Crap, I wonder where he’s died and gone this time?  Do you love Lil’ Wayne?  Is he a major talent?  Let us know in the comments below.

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6 responses to “Lil Wayne’s Got ’99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One’”

  1. guest says:

     [Lil Wayne]
    And just the other day, my nigga Chris killed his self
    I pray to God, that I never feel the way he felt
    Where do we go when there’s no help?
    He figured Heaven, so he went left
    Ya’ll know that ain’t right
    Plus, he was high as a plane that same night
    Man, I probably been on that same flight
    Man, I probably had that same fight
    I just kept swinging
    Twelve rounds coming, bells ringing
    (I run with trouble… trouble)
    Introduced to the game, when I was just a child
    Mama love a drug dealer, straight quit her job
    They took his life, and along with him, I died
    And she died, we died
    Then came my daughter, to my bed side
    Told me daddy, don’t cry, I’m alive
    I look her in the eyes, and see me with no sins
    But this is how the note ends

  2. guest says:

     Lil Wayne

    (Verse 3)

    I got shot when I was 12,

    Lost my pop when I was 14

    Shot again at 20

    Will I shake these old dreams?

    We already have the holy water on my face

    And 3 blood drops dried on the side of my eyes

    Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise?

    Got me looking down the ladder now when I climb

    Pulling up on my nephews

    And they don’t wanna drive

    They wanna learn how to work the tool

    And who am I not to do the duty?

    And just think, if pops advice get sent through black ink

    And that stinks, but homie that’s real

    And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill

    I remember when if you was a hustler, you was a winner

    Now that’s like raking up leaves in the winter

    And that ain’t even cool, to miss a few summers

  3. guest says:

    Based on your opinion it appears you are only familiar with Wayne’s post Carter III mainstream material, i.e., “Lollipop”. Whenever, I hear the “Wayne is the worst rapper alive” it always appears that the person in question has only scratched the surface of his
    work. Is he overrated? Yes. Horrible and untalented? Hardly. The “Sqad Up” mixtpaes,
    “Prefix”, “Suffix”, “Dedication” mixtapes, “The Carter” series are great
    pieces of work in my opinion. What’s more, he has plenty of thoughtful songs in which he stays on topic: Georgia
    Bush, Don’t Want You To See Me Cry, Young N Blues, Grown Man(Lights Out
    Version), Something You Forgot, How Can Something, Amen, Pray To the
    Lord, Trouble, Everything, Fuck The World, Up To Me, Dear Summer, Get
    Over, Miss My Dawgs, Tie My Hands, All Alone, Hollywood Divorce(his
    verse), Ghetto Rich (his verse), etc. Moreover, albums such as
    “Lights Out”, “The Carter 1”, and “The Carter 2” contain plenty of
    coherent material.

  4. imverycool247 says:

    Who ever wrote this, apparently a moron named “Jackalz” (hahah), obviously doesn’t know anything about the rap game. Wayne one of the worst rappers in history?? You obviously have not listened to any of his thousands of records recorded, most of which were probably when you were in ya diapers. And he never actually gave her the rock idiot… tool

  5. jae monroe says:

    weezy the worst rapper in history  bitch you sound stupid  what fuckin planet are you on

  6. htownfresh says:

    Somebody must have had a pistol next to the f*!*boy who wrote this article…