Lindsay Lohan On The Market Searching For A Sugar Daddy (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan On The Market Searching For A Sugar Daddy

Lindsay Lohan was kinda-sorta dating married billionaire Vikram Chatawal, for a hot minute and now that they are finished she is in a panic to find a new sugar daddy to handle her mounting money problems.  It’s not cheap being one of Hollywood’s most prominent crack heads and truthfully, Lindsay just doesn’t have the money to support her bad habits and pay her bills (when the collector’s call).

Does this make Lindsay a ‘prostitute?’  Well the dictionary defines ‘prostitution’ simply: the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.  So I guess we’d have to ask Vikram – ‘Hey Vikram, is Lindsay a prostitute?’ Even better, why don’t we ask Vikram’s estranged wife, Priya Sachdev? Back in 2011 Lindsay famously stormed into Vikram’s dinner party in order to do battle with the shocked woman.  One thing we know for sure, questions of the definition of ‘prostitution’ aside – Lindsay has no more class than a $20 crack whore.

Lindsay and Vikram were not a love match. Lindsay does not love – she predates – that is just what predatos do after all. Vikram is married and their dalliance seemed to be rooted in drug binges that he was more than happy to fund. Now that it’s over and Lindsay is scrambling to replace her former billionaire cash machine with a suitable John.

The National Enquirer Print Edition, September 10 reports: Lindsay Lohan wants a sugar-daddy – and fast! LL has been desperately searching for a “rich older man” to help her maintain her lifestyle after being dumped by her most recent boyfriend, billionaire hotel mogul Vikram Chatawal, 40, sources tell The Enquirer.

“Lindsay got used to living and spending like a big-time movie star, and Vikram helped her keep that lifestyle going,” a source revealed. “But on her own, Lindsay doesn’t have that kind of money, and she still spends thousands on hair extensions, and several thousand on makeup fillers and Botox injections. She’s also a compulsive online shopper.”

Lindsay does pill in big paychecks with modeling jobs and most recently for her role in Liz & Dick. But she spends more than she earns. She’s bought so many things that she had to turn her guest room into a closet,” the source said.

Lindsay is also swimming in legal fees from her past run-ins with the law.

“The bills keep piling up and Lindsay ignores them until she gets a call from a collection agency,” said an insider.

Without a deep-pockets boyfriend, Lindsay is headed for the poorhouse.

“Lindsay would love to find someone who is both rich and good-looking… but at this point she’s willing to settle for someone just rich – and she won’t let his age get in the way.”

Here’s my question, why on earth would any man WANT to be linked to such a train wreck? Aside from the drugs (and the way that all that hard partying has aged her), you can’t leave her alone for two minutes in your home or something will disappear!  Lindsay may want to find a rich older man but what the heck is he going to do with her and I can’t imagine anyone thinking that she’s worth the trouble for very long.

Will Lindsay ever get it together or will she just find another rich addict to fund her illicit activities?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Lindsay in action

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet