Lindsay Lohan Twitter Rant: Calls Dr. Phil a Bully and a Fraud

Lindsay Lohan Twitter Rant: Calls Dr. Phil a Bully and a Fraud

Lindsay Lohan jumped to her mother’s defense on Twitter over the Dr. Phil interview that Dina Lohan attempted last month. The Lohan girls tend to ban together denying their alleged substance abuse across the board and this time it’s Lindsay turn to step up and defend Mama Lohan. The younger Lohan had some choice words for Dr. Phil, but when hasn’t she had some choice words to share?

Calling the good doctor a “fraud” and suggesting that he bullied her mother, Lindsay acted like any good daughter would, she defended her mom. This seemed to add some creditability to her mother’s claims that she was stone sober during that interview, in Lindsay’s eyes anyway. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Lindsay’s defense doesn’t hold water and just works at pointing out the dysfunction in this dysfunctional family.

Lindsay tweeted: “@DrPhil You should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of man takes advantage of a women @ her most vulnerable state? You are a fraud.”

Maybe Lindsay should watch the interview before attaching tags to Phil’s name. Dina didn’t even know she was on the air during the interview until she asked Dr. Phil a number of times. She not only sat in as a guest, but took liberties at directing Phil’s camera crew of when to cut or stop rolling the cameras.

Her mood was unstable as she went from telling stories of abuse like she was reading from a shopping list to breaking down in tears as if it happened yesterday. Then of course who can forget her one finger message as she struggled through the interview?

Lindsay played the dutiful daughter and struck back at Dr. Phil on her mother’s behalf, but what took her so long?  Do things come from afar for the Lohan ladies?  Dina’s interview attempt lit up Twitter earlier this month with allegations that she was drunk or under the influence of some substance. That might have been the time to strike back. What’s up with the delayed reaction?

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