Macaulay Culkin Dresses Up Like A Dinosaur

Macaulay Culkin Dresses Up Like A Dinosaur

It has been over twenty years since most of us first saw Macaulay Culkin in one of the best 90’s movies ever, Home Alone. But since those twenty odd years have come to past we have been seeing little of Culkin on the big screen and more of his gaunt appearance in gossip magazines, one claiming that it was due to heroin addiction.

Well, seems like nowadays Culkin wishes he could be Kevin McAllister, his Home Alone character, all over again. Culkin is 32 years old and now feels the need to regress to his childhood, a less traumatic one I imagine, by hosting parties where the guests are invited to come dressed as different movie characters or even stranger, different types of dinosaurs. “He likes to live as a child,” the source said. “Growing up has NOT been good to Macaulay.”  Guess that’s better than Macaulay Culkin on heroin and having those type of parties.

That might have to do with the estrangement Culkin has from his father, Kit Culkin, the death of sister, Dakota Culkin, back in 2008, the fact that he hasn’t had a movie or television show come out since 2009 or maybe it’s due to the fact his eight year relationship with Mila Kunis fizzled out nearly two years ago and she is now in the arms of someone completely different from him, Ashton Kutcher.

These seem like all plausible reasons to make one want to find him and give him a big bear hug. A showbiz insider even said that Culkin seems like a “sad and lonely figure.” Way to be harsh dude. Maybe Culkin doesn’t want to get back into acting. Culkin probably has more than enough money to last himself forever, even if he is doing heroin. My advice is if you want to relive your youth, go for it, you only have one life to lead, just don’t screw around with it and bring other people down with you.

Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/FameFlynet Pictures

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