Madonna FAILS! Tour Date Cancelled and Second Single A HUGE Flop

Madonna FAILS! Tour Date Cancelled and Second Single A HUGE Flop

53-year old, Madonna was all set for her ‘comeback’ this year with a new album and the chance to launch her debut single, “Give Me All Your Luvin” in front of 114 million viewers at the Super Bowl, how could she possibly fail? Well, she did exactly that, FAIL!

In mid-February, Madonna’s first single couldn’t even make it to the top ten of the UK charts, which many people thought was a sign that the album was doomed to fail since that was the first time the lead track from one of her albums did not go into the top ten UK charts since 1982

Madonna’s second single, “Girl Gone Wild” is now a HUGE flop in the USA and Canada, worst than the first single. Furthermore, one concert has already been cancelled because not enough tickets were sold.

I wasn’t surprised back in February when Madonna’s first song flopped in the UK and I am certainly not surprised now. Madonna is 53 years old and all she tries to do is copy young artists which ends up making her look really lame. Her new work is immature and disappointing and not what fans expect from the “world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time.”

I always found Madonna overrated, even in the 80’s. She really can’t sing and always did things on stage to shock people and cause controversy. Her recent ‘FLOP’ tells me that people are finally seeing her for what she is, an outrageous stage show with mediocre singing. Time to retire Madge!

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  • Guest

    Robyn Good you truely are a complete knob aren’t you eh?
    Robyn Good you really do talk shit and lie!!

    In the UK, the single performed poorly due to a significant proportion of the download sales being discounted by The Official Charts Company as a result of a promotional offer that allowed the song to be downloaded for free if pre-ordering the album MDNA.  If the sales hadn’t been discounted then it would have been number that week, it sold 160.000 copies on download alone! The CD format has not been released yet until the 19th!

    Because Madonna has cancelled 1 yes ONE Show does not qualify a FAIL! 

    As for Girl Gone Wild – Number 6 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Billboard !

    The album has not doomed to fail as I quote you!  The album has the biggest pre-order in itunes history going to number 1 in 65 countries!

    Madonna’s new work is NOT immature and disappointing and not what fans expect from the “world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time.” BULLSHIT – There are still alot of Madonna fans that think this Madonna Era is fun and exciting.

    You may have found Madonna overrated, that because you don’t know art or good music. YES Madonna can really sing

    (Your Quote)
    “Her recent ‘FLOP’
    tells me that people are finally seeing her for what she is, an
    outrageous stage show with mediocre singing. Time to retire Madge! “

    See full of crap – wasn’t a flop! Madonna a true icon artist. And no it’s not time for Madonna to retire.





    My quote – “Robyn Good – What a lying full of crap dick “

    • celebdirtylaundry

      Thank you for your information…………..HOWEVER, I Robyn Good who is a Madonna fan you KNOB!!! did not not write this article one of CDL writers Rosie did…. ughhh be passionate about something, but get the facts right!!!! xo Robyn

    • Rosie

      Your argument became invalid when you called Madonna “art”, you are clearly delusional. xo

      • What do you define as art then being as you are such an expert!? Lady GaGa? She embodies every cultural flaw in the world right now! Totally unorigianl. Fraudulent yes, art no! Madonna personifies everything there is about art, she is a cultural shaker the like which you will never appreciate or fully understand.Just because she puts out throw away pop now and then does not resign her to a a cultural trash can. Madonna has influenced and inspired more generations, cultures and celebrities than you could ever dream of, she has revolutionised, challenged pushed boundaries, been a lightning rod for gay rights and religious causes and changed society and the way it views art forever, art can be anything, art is about creation and Madonna has created many things in her illustrious 30 year long career. Madonna is art, as Andy Warhol himself once stated about the woman whom millions adore.. “Madonna changes outfits all the time, Madonna embodies the art of creation, her outfits represent who she really is, a woman who likes to change persona, i can think of nothing more artistic than that”. Enough said.

    • Jbever15

      @guest Number 1 In 50 country on its first day actually not 65…and that barely matters as it dropped out the top 10 a day later. sales so far are only around 500,000 world wide hardly special for the Queen of pop. Lady gaga sold 2 million in the first week and 800,000 in pre-orders with Born This Way. Totally 8 million sales…while Madonna will struggle to top 2 million in a years time. Girl gone wild is a total flop it has failed to chart in the top 800 songs on the billboard. not heard of for a second single from a major artist. She will mostly spend 3 days at number 1 with her album and flop to 10 or 20 with Adele over taking. Your clearly a desperate Madonna fan who is jealous of all the young super stars around today. I would be worried , more tour dates are yet to be cancelled very scary news for you. Lady gaga is laughing at her and her failures with her 100 million fans WW and Sold out tour dates in very very high demand. With 100 million records sold in less then 3 years she will over Takeing Madonna within the next years, It took Madonna 10 years to reach 100 million sales . scary shit is happening for Madge. Katy perry and Rihanna and Lady gaga, Adele snapping up her records and sales. And about time as well ! :)

  • Guest

    hmm yeah, notice who you changed by who is was, it was your name their first and no your not a madonna fan lol

    • celebdirtylaundry

       LOL u are too funny, I did not write it – my Aunt did.. and ha ha you know I am not a Madonna fan WRONG…. I have seen her in concert, love her…  Anyway thanks for taking the time to comment :-) always like to hear from our readers… all the best… xo Robyn

  • Craighepworth

    WHAT? the second single has no video, no PR no proper release yet other than on Itunes where it climbed all the way to 30 without anybody knowing the song was out. The first single underperformed in the UK due to the pre order offer with MDNA. Dont write articles if you are unable to research 

    • Joe

      Even after all that was released, it peaked at #106 on billboard…

      • tomislav

        chart where britney was no. 1 in sad, sad overrated chart

  • Wolleyhogtail

    Madonna ‘has been'(get it?) overrated since day 1.
    People love fads
    Easily amused people that is!
    And thats what made this no-talent rich rich!
    Its a shame to all the real talented people that never make it in the music biz!
    Thats because real talented people didnt do favors…head… to the DJ’s in clubs to play her lame demos!

    • Rosie

      Absolutely, so many talented people that don’t make it and deserve it much more than others. Btw, love your name. xoxo

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  • Rosie

    Michael Jackson……and there are many more, enough said.

  • Jody Overland

     madonna is a talentless piece of crap fake cradle robbing egomaniac of a whore – and she is already gone – a useless scum.  only morons and losers care about her.

  • Jody Overland

     and morons like u read them

    • Charlie_manson

      and therefore calling yourself a moron, not only did you read the article but you then went through the comments.

  • Jackfrostforever

    It’s ironic, because the Billboard Hot dance Chart shows her as #5 with “Give Me All Your Luvin”… claimed that you were already not a huge fan, but why don’t you do your homework and stop making premature assumptions. Her pre-order sales made ITunes history and is #1 in 51 countries….another thing, her concerts are SELLING OUT in many places and she’s making second shows. This article is yet another ridiculous waste of reading from just another bitter person trying to knock her down.

  • Matynor orellana

    yopu dum ass you shpoul;d do your home cwork better you stupid idiot!!

  • Malcolm

    I agree with the OP. Madonna is wildly overrated and can’t sing for shit. Since she has no voice and no musical talent to fall back on-all she can do is gyrate that bony ass and keep throwing her crotch in everyone’s face at her age. You live on nothing but gimmicks/smoke and mirrors, you die on the same. No wonder she’s trying to get into directing. And now she’s failing at that.

  • Guest

    Rosie Leblanc, your are not a journalist, you are a tramp!!!Look at yourself, your own life is a failure, have you sold 300 millions records in a 28 years career, have you had 12 number 1 songs in the USA, 13 in the Uk and 22 in Canada??Have you win 2 Golden Globe, 7 Grammys Awards? Have you have ever the gross music tour by a solo act? Have you had 7 #1 albums in the US, sold  more 64 millions albums in the US, 38 top 10 songs?? If you call a failure over writing stupidity in a rag you can whip your dirty ass and mouth with, that’s what I call a failure

  • Guest

    Rosie Leblanc, your are not a journalist, you are a tramp!!!Look at yourself, your own life is a failure, have you sold 300 millions records in a 28 years career, have you had 12 number 1 songs in the USA, 13 in the Uk and 22 in Canada??Have you win 2 Golden Globe, 7 Grammys Awards? Have you have ever the gross music tour by a solo act? Have you had 7 #1 albums in the US, sold  more 64 millions albums in the US, 38 top 10 songs?? If you call a failure over writing stupidity in a rag you can whip your dirty ass and mouth with, that’s what I call a failure

  • Nick

    The second single isn’t even officially RELEASED until March 27, you idiot. Therefore, it isn’t going to chart just yet. This is the most asinine piece of ‘journalism’ I have ever read.

  • Nick

    The second single isn’t even officially RELEASED until March 27, you idiot. Therefore, it isn’t going to chart just yet. This is the most asinine piece of ‘journalism’ I have ever read.

  • Rosie

    I can’t believe some people are so dumb with these stupid comments, people need to get a life.

  • Romeo

    I loved Madonna because despite her lack of talent she always was very commercial and made me want to dance. I stopped buying her music years ago and I was hoping her new cd would change that. The Superbowl song was hideous and the new video is something she already did back in the 80’s. Check itunes and her ugly song has been 40.. I think this is as high as she is going to get… The rest of the album is provably just more of the same garbage. She is old, tired and out of ideas. She has never been original. She ripped and copied everything and she counted on shock value to sell but at least she was fun then.

  • shocked

    I certainly doubt that many people out there can puit a svideo as hot as Girl Gone Wild….For Madona is like puttin icing on the cake. Simply awesome !

  • graham

    madonna is an embarresment a 53 year old women trying to sound twenty,her music always was for the not very bright,a woman who would sell her soul to the devil for a headline and needed vulgarity and shock value to become a sucsess,she is also a quite vile human being,she also had the full might of mtv behind her at the start of her career,her voice is pathetic and that is why she lyp synches at her concerts,never seen madonna on divas surprise surprise can you see madge trying to sing alongside women that actualey can,she is so yesterday and was always way overated and a total fake,she also needs all the distractions at her concerts such as lots of dancers to distract from her lack of real talent,lets hear in concert on a stage with just a microphone.

  • Vygbhjnk

    who wrote this shit has clearly some problems

  • Jay

    I like Madonna (and Give Me All Your Luvin), but some of the excuses people are chucking around are such rubbish. The discounted downloads in the UK were not solely responsible for the song stalling at #37. People are really going to the well with that one and the fact is, it just didn’t do very well. If the bad position in the UK was down to the discounted sales, then why did the single plummet 10-39 on the US chart?

    Also, the whole MDNA being number #1 in 50 countries thing is mostly irrelevant, since it was only very briefly and it plummeted thereafter. Come on, I like Madonna but I’m getting sick of people chucking around the same excuses for the underperformance of this campaign so far. We just have to accept that it isn’t going very well.

    • i guess the fact that GaGa was forced to sell her debut album for 99cents for a whole week is irrelavent too? The fact that her ex creative director laurean Gibson spilled the beans on her creating GaGa in Madonna’s image is also rubbish? You stupid GaGa fans are not even worthy of air! Most of you are so brainwashed by this Madonna wannabe that you even deny facts slapping you right in your face! Give Me All Your Luvin stalled at 37 in the UK charts because three days worth of its 145,000 sales tally were discounted, that is a fact well publicised by the UK chart company, believe what pithy excuses you want, but it was on track to becoming her 14th UK number 1 hit after MDNA had become her record breaking 12th UK number 1 album! Wether you idiots like it or not, Madonna is STILL the most succesful female chart act globally of all time, and no matter how many of you try to ignore that fact, facts really are facts.

      Madonna is more succesful, more inventive and far more creative than any act out there today including her wannabe fan GaGa! Simply by being around 31 years after her debut, it speaks volumes! Madonna simply has nothing left to prove to anyone, she has been there, achieved and done it all. Its the likes of GaGa i feel sorry for, her second album selling only 9 million copies is laughable!!!! Madonna’s second album went on to sell 21 million in 2 years!!!! Her third album True Blue has shifted 30 million in less than three. Even in her 3rd decade Madonna’s albums such as Music and Confessions were outselling anything by Lady GaGa! Makes GaGa look positively amateurish reall doesnt it!

  • Erfwq

    madonna is now number one worldwide with mdna ! is that a flop!

  • Lerica saavedra

    When it comes to finding a reliable and honest news I SUGGEST YOU GUYS TO DIRECTLY GO TO SKY OR YAHOO NEWS etc.except sites where everybody can make their own news or BLACK PROPAGANDA

  • G Simpson334

    madonna,what can i say,music for the brain dead,if you can call it music that is.

  • Jay

    I know I commented in more pessimistic fashion earlier, but I think we can probably all concede that MDNA is off to a very strong start, regardless of singles chart flops.

  • Bklynfun05

    new album is set to sell more on its first week than her past two albums… so, it will be bigger than ‘Hard Candy’ and ‘Confessions’ – hardly a flop – plus, what she lacks is radio! not sales – and that’s screwed up because the charts haven’t realized that only 12 year old ghetto people  listens to radio… in the end, what matters are album sales and concerts.. gaga couldn’t fill a small diner at Madonna’s ticket prices… also, I ant to see what Lady gaga is doing in 2042 and if she is still making music.. SHUT UP!!!

  • Lmcarlo123

    This News is so not true.

  • graham

    she is so irelevant now and is yesterday,this latest album is awful,lets face it she made a career out of shocking people and headlines to take away from the fact that she cant sing,she lyp synched her way through superbowel as she does in her concerts and only her moronic fans are gullible to believe otherwise,she was also greatly helped along the way by mtv,she has done some good pop songs but her only album of perheps any depth was like a prayer most of her other stuff is realey pop bubblegum,yes she has been succsesful but so what that does not equate to being good,take britney spears for instance one of madonnas progeny who is even more awful,i think people are waking up finnaly to all the hype and want some real singers back with real talent who can sing on stage without lypsynching with just a microphone and no dancers or effects,bring back real singers please.

  • Give Me All Your Luvin was disqualified from sales in the UK because it was seen as an incentive by the UK chart company to buy the album, if you remember the album pre-order gave you the single for download immediatley, 2 weeks before its official release. This is seen as an incentive to buy the album in the UK and not the single. SO, this single by Madonna really only ‘flopped’ as you so bitterly put it, because of an amateurish promotional stunt by her new terrible label, interscope! The single actually shifted in excess of 145,000 copies that week, twice as much as that weeks number 1 single, doesnt take a genius to work out that it WOULD therefore have been her 14th number 1 single and served as an amazing promotional tool for the album. It would have actually extended Madonna’s record for number 1’s here and more importantly given her the title of female with most number 1 albums and singles across 4 different decades! Instead of focusing on a flop record, the media would have had no choice but to go with the success of the single, her new acclaimed record(s) and overall WOULD have generated a more positive vibe around the whole project. However a sizeable chunk of those first weeks sales for Luvin were disqualified, 3 days worth to be precise which equated to around 100,000 of those sales. With only 45,000 sales being allowed, it limped in to the UK chart at number 37 starting an opportunity for the media to create an onslaught of negative rather than positive press around the project. What started out to be an exciting venture for us Madonna fans, turned into a lacklustre vanity project where her management tryingto persuade us to forget about it and just look forward to the oh so amazing up coming tour! They ignore this mess at their peril in my opinion, for without Madonna on radio, lodging herself in the publics psyche, people will really forget about her, then they can kiss goodbye to filling all those stadiums! And why? because her label really couldnt work a bit harder for their buck!

    Madonna’s single(s) only ‘flopped’ because of poor, idiotic promotional stunts, not because she is ‘over’ or too old! The demand for her art is still as high as ever, her tour is practically sold out, the album hit number 1 on a record breaking 45 itunes charts and 40 global charts, granted her singles have been dissapointing but that again, boils down to the poor promotion and organistaion of her singles release schedule by her terrible record company. Once they manage to get that back on track, Madonna will once again climb the charts and be a feature on radio, why should radio bother though if she cant?.

  • Johnmhynds

    Always perceived Madonna as a hairy armpitted Italian American woman with a loud, foul mouth & minimal singing talent. Flashing her moot could  only ever get her so far & now she’s old everyones already seen it & definitely don’t want to see it no more, its like viewing your grandma’s tuppy. Give it away Madonna, you’ve already become this era’s May West!

  • tomislav

    madonna’s concert in my homtown zagreb was canceled because of problems with organizer, not the bad sales. sales were better then expected considering the high price.
    spreading bad roumors in sad.

  • Richie

    You’re obviously writing out of yer arse. Because Madonna has not CANCELLED any of her shows (if anything!!! at least 10 new shows were added due to high demand).
    And ALL of her MDNA singles have made it to NUMBER ONE on the BILLBOARD DANCE CHARTS.

    She HOLDS the MOST No. 1 Dance songs of all time in the Billboard charts. A massive 47 in total.

    And just to top it off, her latest album MDNA just re-entered the top ten (Number 3) Billboard Dance Charts and it’s Number 50 in the Billboard 200.

    You need to do some research before just typing out an article full of blah-blah-blah-blah.

  • Andrew

    This is a hilarious debate. How can anyone call Madonna talentless? She’s not the best singer on the planet but she’s always been given too little credit. I’ve been to most of her concerts and I’ve seen her sing both awesome and mediocre. She tries to hard to put on a show and sing/dance and that’s impossible for most artists. Do your research people–Madonna’s a pioneer in the industry–a sexist industry mind you–and her Guiness records are mind-blowing. For a woman with no talent, she’s riding very close to Elvis Presley and the Beatles as far as singles go. She’s an author, a director, a business owner, and collaborates with her daughter on clothing and perfume. She wears several hats and does what she wants. I would love to be in that kind of shape when I’m 54, and be this successful and in control of my career. People’s opinions are valid to some degree but most are just empty angry words, judging her on her recent album and not seeing the bigger picture. They want her to fail and this blows my mind. Maybe it’s jealousy, I have no idea. But love her or hate her, she’s still going strong and I don’t see her going away anytime soon.

  • the one that flops is GAGA… madonna #1 tour. gaga tour is empty…. singles means nothing when u dont promote them. thats what happened to M. superbowl was a huge success and her too. ppl want to see madonna. bt not gaga

  • matleyrho

    What a pack of lies. Proof, the huge success of the tour; second in history only to Madonna’s own S&S tour for a woman, the S&S being the most successful for any artist ever, best selling in 2012 and one of the all-time best grosser, certainly the most impressive tour in history. But haters will be haters, we’ve put up with their lies for 30 years…

  • matleyrho

    Jbever15; Born this way sold 5.5 million, not 8, which would be, under normal circumstances, be regarded as a hit; unfortunately, it sold at 99 cents, which means it made a LOSS; MDNA made more money (at £17) in a week than BtW did altogether. Yes, both list sales in week 2; but MDNA remains at the cutting edge of music, and its drop is explained by 1- a crap lead single (Madonna’s worst song ever), 2-Madonna’s refusal to promote it; its drop is compensated by her back catalogue, which filled the world chart’s top 40 on that week. Despite all, MDNA ended up breaking a world record of nr 1s, and ended the year as one of the best selling album of 2012. The tour (where the money is) ended up as one of the greatest tours of all time, 305 million dollars. Gaga had to cancel dates for lack of sales, and let’s remember, her previous tour had already made. Again, a loss!