Marc Anthony Suspects Jennifer Lopez Cheated With Ojani Noa

Marc Anthony Suspects Jennifer Lopez Cheated With Ojani Noa

Marc Anthony, soon to be ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez, filed divorce papers last week and he suspects that J. Lo. was fooling with her ex-husband during their marriage.  He is looking for joint custody of their two children.  Off to court we go!

Now I don’t know how this happened but somehow Marc got drift of news that J. Lo. was spending time with her first husband Ojani Noa while she was married to him.  His lawyers are trying to talk with Ojani because they want to find out if she was seeing him while she was married to Marc and what exactly were they doing if so.

The lawyers also want to question Ojani to see if he has any knowledge of J. Lo. having any offshore accounts, Oh boy!, when your soon to be ex-husband starts asking about money you know this divorce is about turn nasty.

Ojani has financial records that he still has from when he was married to J. Lo. and Marc’s lawyers want to see them.   You know the love is gone when the husband you’re getting a divorce from tries to contact your first husband, it’s like being double-teamed.

Marc Anthony is not known to go without a woman around, but I don’t think he thought J. Lo. would move on so quickly, and she has – Casper Smart – so is there a little spitefulness, I think so.  Well let the games begin!

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