Mark Ballas Caught In A Drunken Fight With Tiffany Dunn (Video)

Mark Ballas Caught In A Drunken Fight With Tiffany Dunn (Video)

Mark Ballas and his girlfriend Tiffany Dunn decided to have a 6-minute-long drunken battle after Mark grabbed a smoke against her highnesses’ wishes.  Just after Mark got through with his altercation with Jaleel White on the set of DWTS, Tiffany was all over him for breaking his vow to quite cigarettes.

But as anyone who ever smoked and then stopped knows, quitting is always difficult, but especially when one is drinking!  The couple had their spat outside the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood just past midnight Tuesday.  Tiffany had agreed to sell her scooter after she was injured in an accident and return Mark promised to quit smoking.

Well Mark broke his promise and one of Tiff’s friends rated him out…

TMZ has the exclusive detailsMark Ballas and his girlfriend got in a 6 minute, alcohol-fueled fight over Mark’s unforgivable sin — smoking a cigarette after promising to quit.

Tiffany screams mid-argument, “You’re such a d**k when you drink.”  For his part, Mark tells Tiff, “You can cry me a river for all I care, and you can swim in it.”  Mark tells Tiffany, “You punched me in face 3 times today.”  She responds, “I was dancing.”

Tiffany thinks Mark’s fibbing about smoking is a gateway lie:  “It makes me wonder what else you lie about.  Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly, what else have you lied to me about?”

At one point … Mark yanks Tiffany’s key chain from her, removes his house key and then hands the chain back.  She pushes him and he leaves.  We’re told Mark and Tiffany were “hammered,” but all ended well.  They got a cab together and going home.

The couple eventually got into a taxi and left together.  Once again we see the wonderful effects of alcohol on human behavior.  It’s surprising the stuff is legal!

Image credit: Osvaldo/FameFlynet Pictures

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