Melissa Gilbert Dancing With The Stars Quickstep Performance Video 3/26/12

Melissa Gilbert Dancing With The Stars Quickstep Performance Video 3/26/12

Melissa Gilbert danced the Quickstep tonight as Dancing With The Stars continues with its second episode.  On this week’s episode the 12 couples return to the ballroom performing either the Jive or the Quickstep.    We recapped the tonight’s show for you and if you want to see how all the couples did go HERE!

Melissa Gilbert and professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing the QuickStep – Melissa had this to say about learning the quickstep this week: “I didn’t want to use the extreme statement just yet but honestly, this is one of the most vexing, frustrating things I have ever asked my body to do. Childbirth is easier.”

Judges CommentsCarrie Ann – you had a tiny little slip, but I loved your performance after you slipped, your shoulders come up when you are nervous and I want you to hide it.  Len – it started off for me well, but as the dance went on you lost your energy and became loose, a tad hectic for me.  Bruno – when you don’t think about it and enjoy the situation you do much better, overall it was a good performance.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 6 – Bruno 7 – Total = 20 Week 2 Scores: 20/30  Total Scores: 40/60

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  1. […] Melissa said this about the theme this week: “It’s a very difficult decision to make.  That’s why it’s an ongoing discussion, because there have been some monumental events in my life. Births, divorce, marriage, death. … Successes, just blessings beyond measure. So trying to find one, it seems unfair to the rest of the moments.”  Last week Melissa was nervous during her Quickstep and her scores reflected that. (video here) […]