Dancing with the Stars 2012 Recap: Season 14 Week 2, 3/26/12

Dancing with the Stars 2012 Recap: Season 14 Week 2, 3/26/12

Dancing with the Stars returned last week with a sensational season opener, which proved to be one of the most competitive season premieres ever.    On last week’s show the judges enthused that it was the strongest premiere in the ABC show’s history and handed out high marks across the board.  If you missed the show you can read our full recap here!  If you missed the performances you can see all the videos here!

All 12 couples return to the ballroom tonight with the second show of the season and another fabulous lineup of extraordinary performances.  The couples return to the ballroom performing either the Jive or the Quickstep and we posted the dance assignments for the tonight here if you want to know prior to the show.

There are no clear front runners yet but there certainly is a crowd favorite telenovela actor William Levy.  Rumors have been circulating that William is having a romance with his professional dancer Cheryl Burke.  To find more out about all the rumors check them out here!

After the performance show tonight a one-hour special, “Dancing with the Stars: The Story So Far,” will air Tuesday just before the result show and it will recap the thrilling dance performances from last week’s premiere and from Monday’s performance show, along with never-before-seen footage from the teams’ confessionals and exciting backstage moments.  We will also lose our first couple on Tuesday.

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

RECAP: The bar is already pretty high as we kick off tonight’s episode with the couples listed in order of appearance.

Roshon Fegan and professional dancer Chelsie Hightower dancing the Quick Step.

Judges Comments:

Len Goodman – look at my face, I liked it, the slows were great, well done, it was young and fresh, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bruno – you were like a bolt of lightening, traditional mixed with a cheeky swaggar, delicious.

Carrie Ann – you turned your swaggar into sophistication, it was amazing.

Scores: Carrie Ann 9 –  Len 8 – Bruno 9 – Total – 26

Sherri Shepherd and professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – shake rattle and roll, I loved it.

Carrie Ann – Sheri Sheppard I am in love you, confidence takes you past mistakes, great job, great energy.

Len – I felt good, you felt good, the audience felt good, I loved watching you

Scores: Carrie Ann 8 – Len – 7 – Bruno 8 – Total – 23

Melissa Gilbert and professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing the Quick Step.

Judges Comments:

Carrie Ann – you had a tiny little slip, but I loved your performance after you slipped, your shoulders come up when you are nervous and I want you to hide it.

Len – it started off for me well, but as the dance went on you lost your energy and became loose, a tad hectic for me.

Bruno – when you don’t think about it and enjoy the situation you do much better, overall it was a good performance.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 6 – Bruno 7 – Total = 20

Jack Wagner and professional dancer Anna Trebunskaya dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Len – I liked the content, I loved the energy, both of your dances have been acceptable standards to go on to next week.

Bruno – you did it all you did, this song was so fast and your steps some times were not on the beat.

Carrie Ann – you are a really good dancer and I think the problem is that you over danced this song, you need to slow down.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 7 – Bruno 7 – Total: 21

Gladys Knight and professional dancer Tristan MacManus dancing the Quick Step

Judges Comments:

Bruno – I love your natural feel for the music, you were lost in love but you have to be careful about your frame.

Carrie Ann – I agree with Bruno, it was a little too casual, you were busy staring into Tristan’s eyes.

Len – I have to congratulate you for getting through this dance, there is a lot of technique going on, I didn’t completely appreciate this dance tonight.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 5 – Bruno 7 – Total: 19

Katherine Jenkins and professional dancer Mark Ballas dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – the blond bombshell is unleashed, talk about sexy and I know it, everybody take note, that’s how you do flicks.

Carrie Ann – I’m all hot and bothered after that, the tone and extension in your legs has never been seen before.

Len – I was concerned, I loved the start but not the middle section, but I liked it.

Scores: Carrie Ann 9 – Len 8 – Bruno 9 – Total: 26

Jaleel White and professional dancer Kym Johnson dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – I loved the concept, the diner feel, your performances are well thought out, you have to be sharper next time.

Carrie Ann – it’s so hard because you knocked our socks off last week, you are a bit flat footed.

Len – it lacked real attack and speed, there wasn’t a crispness about it, I’m a little disappointed.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 7 – Bruno 8 – Total: 22

Maria Menounos and professional dancer Derek Hough dancing the Quick Step.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – that was a frame you could frame, it was near perfection except you loss a step, the flying killers.

Carrie Ann – you guys were stuck like glue, but not stiff, talk about change from last week, huge improvement.

Len – there was a little incident, but I wouldn’t have made a big deal of it, you had speed and control, this is an improvement.

Scores: Carrie Ann 8 – Len 8 – Bruno 9 – Total: 25

Martina Navratilova and professional dancer Tony Dovolani dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – you went on the wrong foot, you didn’t follow the dance, come back next week and hit it.

Carrie Ann – I loved your attitude, but it was a little slow, I enjoy watching you.

Len – thank you very much you made an old man happy, but it was a little bit careful, you didn’t attack it.

Scores: Carrie Ann 6 – Len 5 – Bruno 6 – Total: 17

Donald Driver and professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd dancing the Quick Step.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – great lines, refined and elegant, like a true sportsman.

Carrie Ann – I think all those years of watching our show paid off, smooth and elegant charm, nice.

Len – that performance was out there with the best from tonight and I apologize that I looked at your dance again from last week, you did a good job.

Scores: Carrie Ann 8 – Len 8 – Bruno 8 – Total: 24

Gavin DeGraw and professional dancer Karina Smirnoff dancing the Jive.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – leather does wonders for you and me, you messed up a lot of your kicks and flicks, but your performance was enjoyable to watch.

Carrie Ann – you are pushing your boundaries, I loved your animated performance, I admired that.

Len – I loved your attitude and energy, an improvement over last week.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7 – Len 7 – Bruno 7 – Total: 21

William Levy and professional dancer Cheryl Burke dancing the Quick Step.

Judges Comments:

Bruno – even fully clothed you have the ability to dazzle, you played it well, you have sparkle, superb.

Carrie Ann – you know how to turn the heat up, the technique and posture was great, you are like the Harry Connick Jr. of the dance floor.

Len – good movement and posture, need to improve your footwork, it was good but not great.

Scores: Carrie Ann 9 – Len 7 – Bruno 9 – Total: 25

The End!