Miley Cyrus Is The Next Celeb For Playboy Magazine

Miley Cyrus Is The Next Celeb For Playboy Magazine

Miley Cyrus is slated to be the next celeb to cover Playboy magazine according to sources reporting to Now Magazine. Playboy’s desire to have Miley pose for them is easily understood as an issue with her on the cover would break all sales records. Since Miley is a much bigger and more popular star than Lindsay Lohan, we could expect her to perform even better for sales of Hugh Hefner’s men’s mag than did Lindsay. As we reported here at celebdirtylaundry the ‘Lindsay Lohan’ issue sold like hotcakes.

Now Magazine’s source says: “Since Miley’s marijuana controversy gave her a bit of bad girl edge, they hope to convince her team that it’s time to ditch the wholesome image and try something new.” Early numbers being floated around for a potential Miley shoot are in the neighborhood of $1.3 million. We think that if Lindsay Lohan got $2 million as rumored then Miley can get double that.

It is not such a big stretch to think that Miley would agree to pose as a Playboy centerfold. Since her Hannah Montana days of innocence, Miley has sometimes gone out of her way to attain a racier and more ‘adult’ cache. She has had her marijuana scandals and various attempts at living what she sees as a more grown-up lifestyle. But what stands out as an indication of her potential willingness to strip for Playboy would be her lingerie pics and nipple slips! We covered both of these and they left little to the imagination… .

What is harder to believe are the rumors that Playboy is considering approaching Selena Gomez for a cover – Selena is not posing for Playboy in our lifetime – or hers!

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