Miley Cyrus’ Latest Cry For Attention Is Definitely Anorexia (Photo)

Miley Cyrus’ Latest Cry For Attention Is Definitely Anorexia (Photo)

Although Miley Cyrus has screamed her denial she is looking and acting as if she were anorexic.  This comes as no surprise as Miley desperately attempts to push herself into the spotlight by any means at her disposal.  Obviously boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s growing success combined with her fading reputation is driving Miley over the edge.

Since The Hunger Games’ amazing popular success, Liam’s trajectory has shot way past Miley’s – Liam is the new darling with media and female fans and Miley has started acting out.  The more successful Liam becomes, the wilder and more embarrassing Miley’s behavior gets.

There have been several incidents that indicate that Miley is losing it and is desperate for attention apart from her silly engagement ring Twitter stunt.

Just a few days ago Miley shocked us all by flashing her bare naked crotch to photogs as she left her exercise class!

We cannot post the picture because it is NSFW but we can give you the link.  Warning NSFW (PHOTO HERE)

The SUN reports on Miley’s new anorexic cycleMILEY Cyrus has furiously hit back at claims she is starving herself to stay thin.  The singer/actress, 19, sparked fears last week when she was snapped looking skinny as she jogged with her dog in California.

She fuelled speculation when she posted a photo of herself smelling, but refusing to eat, fast food on Twitter.  Miley wrote: “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the s**t out of it! My mouth is literally watering.”

Her upload triggered a torrent of accusations that she has turned to extreme dieting to keep the weight off.  However, she’s been quick to lambast such claims, insisting her fast food snub was due to medical and health reasons.

She tweeted: “For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health.

Gluten allergy my butt!  Lactose intolerance… ya right!  Miley is anorexic – she is exercising constantly and won’t eat.  Of course she denies it.  She also denies that she flashed her naked crotch and blames the paparazzi for the providing the proof! And of course the engagement ring stunt didn’t happen either…

Miley has threatened to leave Hollywood to avoid the negative attention she has brought on herself.  Please Miley – Leave Hollywood – show us that you are NOT an attention seeking spoiled brat who fears she is being eclipsed by Liam’s popularity and can’t take it!

What do you think?  Is Miley on the level about her anorexia?  Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: Osvaldo/FameFlynet Pictures

72 responses to “Miley Cyrus’ Latest Cry For Attention Is Definitely Anorexia (Photo)”

  1. valerie says:

    BOBBY FISCHER, you are a moron. This is what a healthy woman looks like, and anorexia is a serious disease, not a “cry for attention.”

  2. I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus in the least. But as far as her looking anorexic – bullcrap! She has a fantastic figure in this pic!

  3. jstsmonhrtdy says:

    She looks fantastic in this picture, not anorexic. I would love to have a body like that and I would be proud to have it. Gluten allergies and lactose intolerance are real health problems and not things be light about. The comment about the picture of her crotch bothers me. Where was the photographer standing (or crouching) to get a shot like that. The paparazzi should have enough respect for people and not point the camera in that direction.

  4. Debra says:

    why don’t you mind your own business and stop being jealous of talented people. Your probably a FAT person.

  5. nix says:

    you all don’t know what eating disorders are! I suffered from anorexia and bulimia for 12 years. Weight goes up and down with eating disorders! She can def have an eating disorder. Anorexia does not look like a walking skeleton you see on cartoons!

  6. christina lunsford says:

    she doesn’t look too skinny to me, sure skinny, but not even on an unhealthy level :)

  7. Jack says:

    what do you mean way too skinny, she looks fine, leave her alone.

  8. johnwayne52 says:

    Any one who doesn’t think she looks damn good is either gay or jealous.

  9. poop says:

    actually, people who have anorexia tend to hide their bodies with large baggy clothing because they truly think they are overweight. sucka!!!!

  10. how is this “way” too skiny? There are even skinner girls at my school

  11. zz says:

    3 mythical monsters — Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, BBW woman

  12. Laurie. Germain says:

    It’s time that Miley grows up and stops acting like a very spoiled brat. II have followed her career since she was small and now its time for her to start acting like an adult and move on with het life. If she can’t deal with this set back in her acting career now, how is she going to deal with hard disappointments in life? It’s high time for her to grow up.

  13. She is the way everybody should be looking. Not fat and discusting. In my opionion if a person under the age 18 is fat, child services should step in and make the parents get their kids at a better healthier weight. If they don’t arrest the parents on child endangerment. AMERICA IS WAY TO FAT…diabetes, heart disease, strokes. Then they have to go to the hospital and if they can’t afford the medical treatment, guess who pays? Yep us taxpayers. Their is a difference between anorexic and having a killer body. If you are over 20 lbs your fat, if you are over 70 lbs your obiese. Get off the couch, stop playing video games and texting, go outside and swim, jog, hike, bikeride… Do something to get your body moving. If you can get your heart rate up and your body heated up, it starts burning the fat, just like in a frying pan. Keep it up for 30 minutes at least 1 day a week if not 3 times a week and your fat and water will disappear. PS Miley is smoken hot.

  14. ilduderino says:

    Miley’s hot, you’re a douche.

  15. Woo says:

    She looks perfectly fine. Author of this article needs an eye exam.

  16. Ron says:

    She looks good to me. Bobby Fischer is a fat girl.

  17. Tiffany Biggs says:

    i was anorexic i woulld wear lots of layers and big baggy clothes so ppl wouldnt notice how small i really was and she isnt that thin, she looks healthy

  18. She is not anorexic she is healthy wonder why most celebrities end up depressed and self medicating dying because of stupid people like you…

  19. No news today? So you stoop so low as to create a bogus medical condition for a star whose names guarantee “clicks” on your article? She looks fine; anybody with one working eye can see that. Write something that matters; then people will read it.

  20. LeaVassalos says:

    stupid shit, u search for attention on your artikel !!!

  21. gomurr says:

    If she gains 5 lbs,, you will be saying she’s looking a “little chubby”. There’s no pleasing the media.