Mrs. Eastwood & Company Preview and SPOILER (Video)

Mrs. Eastwood & Company Preview and SPOILER
Tonight is an all new episode of “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”, titled “London Bridge”. Did you see lat week’s premiere episode, if you missed it, you can read the full recap. HERE.

The show boasts the Eastwood name, but some think it is a huge mistake to see the patriarch of the family remain on the sidelines. The premirere episode landed in 24th position last week, time will tell if Clint being absent really matters. Next week Clint turns 81 and if you didn’t know, his wife is 46! Yeah, I did the math, 35 year difference!

Dina actually sat down with the Los Angeles times and confirmed what we were all thinking, she created the show just to promote her band, “I did this show so it could serve as a launching pad for Overtone. Let’s face it, reality TV is an entry into the business now.” Dina better hope they can sing well and connect with the viewers because belly button rings isn’t going to do it!

Tonight on Mrs. Eastwood & Co, Francesca’s boyfriend Tyler puts her in a very dangerous situation, does Francesca get through it? Last week the whole “baby” thing got to Francesca and now he puts her in a position that could cause her harm? It’s a true test to the relationship if you ask me!

Meanwhile, Dina fears for Morgan when she throws a crazy party while she is at a wedding. Wow, this one must have been torture for Dina, out of town and not being able to be in control, I love it! I wouldn’t be surprised if Dina leaves the wedding early just to spy on Morgan.

Dina has a HUGE secret, she is a hoarder and it drives her daughters crazy. The weirdest thing for me is that she keeps the ashes from her dearly departed family pets!

This season we will see how Morgan loves that her mom is outgoing, but sometimes, she is just a little too crazy and outgoing for her daughter.

There’s only one way to find out how all this plays out, come back for our full awesome recap when we will be live blogging the show tonight at 10:00pm.