Nicki Minaj Looks Like A Blue Smurf In The March Issue Of Vogue

Nicki Minaj Looks Like A Blue Smurf In The March Issue Of Vogue

Nicki Minaj, is that you? The 29-year-old “Right Thru Me” singer painted herself blue for the March issue of Vogue and looked not unlike a Smurf with the shocking blue hued skin, a pastel pink wig, and over-the-top eyelashes.

Nicki has really been out-doing herself and seems to have given herself a personal goal of one-upping Lady Gaga whereever she goes. While Lady Gaga looked rather subdued at the Grammy Awards in a black body suit and fishnetting, the hip-hop star showed up in a Little Red Riding Hood getup, accompanied by a Pope impersonator!

In her interview with Vogue, however, Nicki revealed that she wasn’t always the crazy fashion-plate that she is now and even once imagined herself with a career in law.

A huge part of me wanted to be a lawyer! I would do a really good job as a prosecutor,” she claimed. More: Nicki Minaj: Queen Of Delusions

She also said of her high school days in New York:

I was dressing in Tommy Hilfiger baggy shirts and Boss jeans, but then I met a person who dressed like a tiny lady—pantsuits, heels, lots of makeup. I thought she was larger than life. She once did my makeup—I had never seen myself made up before. I didn’t want to wash it off; I felt like I had one day to live this fantasy of being a glamour girl.

Clearly, Nicki has come along way from her more humble days, growing up in Queens, N.Y.

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