Nicole Kidman Demands Curfew For Keith Urban: No American Idol Otherwise!

Nicole Kidman Demands Curfew For Keith Urban: No American Idol Otherwise!

Star Magazine is adamant that “Nicole Kidman is laying down the law for her hubby, Keith Urban.” What law? Who died and made Nicole Kidman the policewoman of this neurotic century? According to the latest edition of Star Magazine, Kidman only allowed Urban to partake as a judge on American Idol if he agreed to strict rules. We know Kidman has been suffering from mental instability for the past few years, but isn’t this just taking it a tad too far?

A source divulged, “He has to be home for dinner at 6:30 sharp – no exceptions!” Oh poop, what happens if he isn’t home? Does that butcher knife go missing again, Nicole? Allegedly, “Nicole’s controlling ways are threatening to ruin his new job. Keith was a really good sport about it for a while, but there’s not a man alive who would want his wife to start ordering his bosses around.” No, we doubt any man (or woman) would allow that to happen, but who marries Nicole Kidman in the first place? It’s the equivalent of marrying a dead fish in a dried up lake bed.

We can only imagine what damage a “strict curfew” could do to a relationship, especially a relationship that’s built on Australian country music and once-upon-a-time acting abilities. Keith’s American Idol judging prowess has not yet been tested by the larger American audience, and while we’re excited to see his late 90’s hair-do on the biggest show on American television, we’re not sure if he’ll be able to be as riveting as Steven Tyler and/or Simon Cowell. We know the show also jumped the shark a while ago, so Keith’s stint on Idol might lead his career down a rabbit hole of sadness, lunacy and Nicki Minaj blow-ups. Hey, Nicole, if you’re looking for company, give us a call! We promise we’ll be on time and everything will be off-record! Yeah, right. About that…

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9 responses to “Nicole Kidman Demands Curfew For Keith Urban: No American Idol Otherwise!”

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  2. Lou1981 says:

    The fact that you believe what you read in “Star Magazine” says so much about this site. FYI, Keith Urban is filming American Idol in the US while Nicole Kidman is currently in Italy and France shooting one of her next films, “Grace of Monaco”. So I don’t see how he could be home every night at 6:30. He comes back to see her every week-end. And also FYI, Kidman was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar last year for her wonderful performance in “Rabbit Hole” and her work in “The Paperboy” is one of the best reviewed performances of the year. And her next movie “Stoker” looks fantastic. You don’t know much about cinema, do you?

    • Renier Palland says:

      Thank you for your comment Lou. As a matter of fact, I am a film critic and I don’t like Nicole’s over hyped acting. Her performance in Rabbit Hole was excellent, but I still don’t like her acting. An Oscar nomination does NOT make you a good actor, it makes you a good politician.

      One man’s trash is another man’s garbage.

  3. Not any of this is true!!

  4. 1MzLiz says:

    Mr Palland, if I were you, I’d never bring up mental illness in an article. The garbage you spew is far from normal.

  5. Jack Ryan says:

    This is obviously made up, but assuming it isn’t….it probably has to do with the fact that Kieth is somebody with substance abuse issues who has relapsed and rehabbed multiple times.

  6. caistor says:

    Who really gives a crap ,what they do, gab gab gab