Nicole Kidman: The Vindictive Ex Blames Tom Cruise But Is A Lousy Mother

Nicole Kidman: The Vindictive Ex Blames Tom Cruise But Is A Lousy Mother

It’s not bad enough, or depends on how you look at it, good enough that Nicole Kidman helped Katie Holmes bring an end to her marriage to Tom Cruise.  Now Nicole has decided it’s her turn to turn the table on Tom and become the victim.   She waited seven years to tell her story of being Victim #1 of Tom Cruise.  Mimi Rogers has no complaints.

Nicole did two interviews recently that painted Tom in a less than positive light. Why now? What does she have to gain really other than free publicity and perhaps some bucks if she decides to write a book?  Tom just lost everything that was important to him, Suri and his marriage to Katie.  It’s like what is the point of kicking him why he is down?  Nicole has not did anything significant in terms of film making since her relationship with Tom, and actually it was Tom that gave her a hand up in some of her most respected roles.  Therefore, it is somewhat surprising that she still holds a grudge.

It has been widely reported that Katie was in talks with Nicole leading up to her divorce from Tom.  Now Nicole can’t seem to get enough of bad mouthing Tom.  Okay we get it, you don’t like him, but why kick him when he is down?   Nicole helped stirred the pot in bringing an end to Tom and Katie’s marriage. She blames Tom for her lack of a relationship with Connor and Isabella Cruise, who are children from her marriage with Tom.

These two kids are old enough to know love when they see it.  You don’t have to spell it out for them.  Tom could not keep them away if they felt a lot of love from Nicole.  Rather than place blame, perhaps Nicole should rethink her approach and commitment or lack thereof to them.  Share your thoughts on Tom and Nicole. I believe in forgive and forget.  How long do you think someone should hold a grudge if ever? Do you think it is time to turn the page on the Tom Cruise bashing?


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  1. Jackson says:

    Jesus Christ. It’s been confirmed that Nicole never spoke to Katie about the divorce. It makes for a fun and juicy story but I think it’s just that: a story. And in the article that you linked to where she “speaks about sex with Tom” and “makes herself the victim,” she’s speaking in depth about a film they made together and the rumors that it was what ended their marriage. In what way is she speaking slanderously of him or making herself the victim? Learn to fucking read or stop trying to spin something out of nothing.

    Natalie, it’s nice that you appear to be completely up Tom Cruise’s ass and are okay with that, but the idea of your attempt at making Nicole the bad guy here is definitely a minority opinion. Most agree that Tom’s religion has most to due with Nicole’s lack of contact with her older children. They’re deep in the religion and Nicole is considered a SP for being Catholic. So if you wanted a stab at showing another side of this story…..congrats on that? I guess that’s what this is. Doesn’t make it any less sad, though. *shrug*

    Basically this piece is, to put it lightly, fucking bullshit.

    Also, you believe in “forgive and forget?” LOL, girl.

  2. Zoolander says:

    What are you talking about? Nicole didn’t say anything negative about Tom. She’s always very respectful of their relationship. Have you read her actual interviews? It seems that your comments are only based on what you read in tabloids and on silly gossip sites. They are very good at twisting her words. If anything, her actual comments give him good publicity and make it seem like he was a good, normal husband. She doesn’t sound vindictive at all, it seems like she’s very happy with her life right now and has no problem answering questions about her ex husband. Contrary to Tom who refuses to acknowledge her as his ex-wife apparently (how weird is that after being divorced for 11 years? Is it because his cult considers her a “suppressive person”? He acts as if he doesn’t know her and she was just his co-star in Eyes Wide Shut). And Mimi Rogers had complaints. She has said that Tom wasn’t interested in sex and never wanted to touch her.

    Also you say Nicole hasn’t done anything significant since her mariage to Tom? What kind of joke is that? She has won the Oscar for The Hours (Tom doesn’t have an Oscar and probably never will considering he only does action movies these days and nobody respects him anymore), she’s been nominated for the Oscar three times (the last time was just last year for Rabbit Hole, Tom’s last nomination was more than ten years ago), she has worked with some of the best and most creative directors (Lars Von Trier, Chan Wook Park, Anthony Minghella, Noah Baumbach among many others) and given some incredible performances (Moulin Rouge, The Others, Dogville, Birth, The Paperboy). She’s one of the most respected actresses in the world, up there with Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett.

    And seriously, do you really believe that Tom is sad that his mariage to Katie is over? Do you actually believe their mariage was real? It’s so obvious that the whole thing was fake. Katie always looked miserable when she was around
    him, like she couldn’t stand being in his presence. The only thing that would make Tom sad these days is losing his best friend David Miscavige. I think you really should read the Vanity Fair article about Tom and Scientology. You’ll see that it also mentions Nicole’s relationship with Connor and Isabella and how Tom’s scientologist “friends” slowly convinced the kids that Nicole was a bad person, a “sociopath” as they called her who only wanted to stop their “spiritual growth” because she hated Scientology (and while you’re at it do a research on Scientology’s policy of disconnection, you’ll find some very interesting comments from ex scientologists).

  3. Zoolander says:

    By the way, Nicole herself said that she never talked to Katie. Stop trying to make crazy Tom a victim.

  4. Zoolander says:

    That’s weird. I posted a few comments three or four hours ago and those comments dissapeared. I didn’t post anything offensive or insulting. Is it because I disagreed with the author of this article? Opinions are not allowed on this site apparently.

  5. Grumpy says:

    It’s about time someone points out her lack of mother skills to Connor and isabella. Tom would not keep her away. She chose to stay away. Tom is to blame for everything. The fact he doesn’t bad mouth Nicole or Katie who both used him for fame by the way speaks volumes of his personality.