Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez – Halloween Nip Slips (Photos)

Epidemic of Nip Slips

There is an epidemic sweeping the Internet. Female celebrities are suffering nip slips at an alarming rate! These incidents are accidental but they are also embarrassing. We saw Janet Jackson’s nip slip during her Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake, and last year we saw Nancy Grace’s breast on Dancing with the Stars. But in the past couple of weeks several female celebrities have suffered the same wardrobe malfunction one after the other.

Lately Jennifer Lopez is the woman with the worse wardrobe luck. Her first nip slip happened when she presented at this year’s Academy Awards. She would then flash us again while performing in Italy on October 11 and in London on October 22. Jennifer likes to show off her amazing body in skin tight body suits and her now famous Versace dress, but Jennifer should give herself a once over before going out in public. One nip slip is an accident; any more is careless planning of wardrobe.

Nicki Minaj is now prepared for nip slips. Eonline reports that the singer is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions but now wears pasties in case her girls accidentally migrate from her clothing during performances.

While most women would be embarrassed by an accidental showing of their breasts  there are some women who are clearly proud to show off. Kris Jenner is one example. Apparently her mid-life crisis is never ending. In the September 9 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris gets her breast redone and proceeds to show them off to her family. Despite her children’s pleas Kris would not put her unhealed breasts away. She later showed off a wardrobe malfunction proudly in a Wonder Woman costume on Instagram. She tweeted “Jeeez what’s all the fuss about?”

I will answer that for you, Kris. You are embarrassing yourself and your family by showing off your accidental wardrobe problem or what ever else you can manage to show. I know your family likes to show that you have no boundaries but this is crass even for you. Kris did say on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she secretly always wanted to pose for Playboy. She revealed this tidbit during the episode where her daughter Kim Kardashian is posing for Playboy. Kris forget to mention that she always wanted to star in a sex tape!  Oh well, at least she got to produce and market Kim’s. Later in the same episode Kris reveals to her husband Bruce Jenner a life size picture of herself wrapped in only an American flag wearing his Olympic medal. Bruce is speechless at first. With chiding from Kris, Bruce comes around and says he likes the picture.

Joanna Krupa from Real Housewives of Miami likes to show off, too. On October 20 a website posted a picture and short article of Joanna wearing a beaded sheer top. Is this the first step to auditioning for Playboy or is Joanna just an exhibitionist? Perhaps she is keeping herself relevant in case there is a third season of her show?

Some nip-slips