O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Girlfriend Busted For Drugs And Blames Him

O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Girlfriend Busted For Drugs And Blames Him

O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, Christie Prody was busted by the cops for stealing narcotics but she put the blame squarely on O.J. even though the murderer is currently sitting in prison.  The bitter Prody explains why she blames the disgraced football star for her April 9 drug bust on charges of stealing painkillers from an elderly man’s home.

Prody blames her relationship with O. J. For her drug problems, telling her friend: “O.J. turned me into an alcoholic and a drug addict.” She explained: “O. J. kept putting me down and rejecting me, and I turned to booze and drugs.”

“O.J. ruined my life,” 37-year-old Prody raved to a friend after the arrest.  Prody was hooked up with O.J. on and off for 13 years and during that time the abuse she suffered at brutal O.J.’s hands and mouth destroyed her self-image and made her turn to dope to ease her pain.   Lately, Prody had been working as a nurse’s aide in Moorehead, MN, but a recent job as a nurses’ aid was her downfall.

Prody was hired by a woman to take care of her husband in the couple’s home but a hidden closed-circuit television camera allegedly caught her stealing oxycodone, lorazepam, and morphine pills from a bedside table. “The video camera showed her putting pills in her pocket and popping a handful in her mouth,” an insider said.

The couple also told police that shortly after Prody began working for them 300 oxycodone pills went missing.  Prody was arrested and charged with stealing narcotics and jailed but she was bailed out after three days.

The National Enquirer, Print Edition, April 30 has the entire story:

After Simpson went to prison in 2008 on charges including theft and assault, Prody return to her hometown near Fargo, ND, And started a new life as a nursing assistant.

But her demons resurfaced and she was caught red-handed stealing drugs.

Prody’s embarrassed about the arrest, according to a source, who added: “she has a daughter who is almost 3 years old by a local man.  I’ve told her she needs to forget about drugs and take care of her child.”

O’Jays ex-gal pal endured vicious fights with Simpson and frequently ran off to binge on drugs and booze. After one fight May 2008 Prody was seriously injured in a Miami car accident. She soon became a painkiller junkie. “Both legs were broken,” a close friend told The Enquirer.

“She’s had a lot of pain since then and is been addicted to pain killers.  It’s a shame.” But O. J. denies any responsibility for Prody’s woes. When he learned of his ex-girlfriend’s bust, he told the source: “she always blames me for everything. What can I do?”

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Once again it seems that Orenthal James Simpson has destroyed a life.  The man is bad news and should never be released from prison.  Although a misguided jury found O.J. not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown and her pal, Ron Goldman, he was subsequently found guilty in a civil trial of the wrongful death and battery of Ron, and guilty of the battery of Nicole.  The murderer continued on his merry way until he was arrested on a variety of serious charges and finally sentenced to 33 years for leading an armed robbery and kidnapping extravaganza in Las Vegas.

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  1. Gappygirlg says:

    This GROWN woman can point the blame at no one but herself. She needs to claim responsibility for her actions unless she can prove OJ held her down and forced her to use physically (and she’s not alledging that). If she was so miserable in the relationship she had EVERY opportunity to leave, but maybe she liked the financial aspect of the relationship. She had no ties to him, they weren’t married, shared no children or property. She’s using the excuse hoping that people hate OJ so much, they’ll believe her addict excuses.

    The first 2 lines of the last paragraph were stupid also. If she became a painkiller addict because she broke her legs in a car accident how is that his fault?