Octomom: Sexual Abuse At Home – Save The Children!

Octomom: Sexual Abuse At Home – Save The Children!

This is something we hate to report! Nadya Suleman, better known by her alter ego Octomom, the part-time-stripper neglectful mother who had octuplets, has been outed by two of her former nannies. They reported to Child Protective Services that she allowed one of her children to sexually abuse another. A nanny spoke with CBS and reported, “[One of the boys] would take [his sibling] away and take her into another area. And he would be touching her.”

The nannies also claimed that Octomom tied her babies to their cribs with cheesecloth (a gauzy material) to keep them from trying to get out. They also alleged that she would barricade them in their room so she could nap. I don’t understand how the nannies could know this—isn’t the point of a nanny having someone there to watch the kids while you nap? What were they doing during all of this?

I hope this is just a publicity grasp by two very desperate former employees, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Nadya is a seriously sick person, and there is no way she can raise her kids this way and expect them to be healthy, happy, functioning adults someday. CPS doesn’t fool around with things like this (remember when they laid down the law on Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood after they found out she was beating ex boyfriend Gary Shirley?) so I’m confident the matter will be fully investigated.

The case has already been investigated by La Habra Police, and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will be sorting out whether or not any charges of abuse, neglect, or whatever, need to be filed against her. You can see a picture obtained by TMZ that show’s Nadya’s back and a chair being used to jam a door shut. Could this be evidence that some of this is true?

Back in April allegations of horrific conditions for Octo’s children made headlines.  Enough is enough – take Octo’s children away from her while there is still hope for them.  This insane woman should never be allowed anywhere near children, let alone be allowed to destroy them in her home.

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