Odds Are That Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant

Odds Are That Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a skiing holiday in Switzerland recently and while they were away the odds that Kate became pregnant got much better!  It seems that in the United Kingdom where legal gambling is widespread that people are rushing to bookmakers to place bets that Kate will be announcing her pregnancy this year.  In fact the odds are even higher that Kate will announce her pregnancy in 2012 than in 2013.

We assume that Prince William is not allowed to wager on the proposition that Kate will get pregnant this year – it would seem that he has inside knowledge and too much control over the outcome!  Of course in the case of a royal pregnancy that will deliver an heir to the British throne people might be wagering for sentimental reasons.

Gambling Kingz reports:  With rumours swirling once more that Kate Middleton could be pregnant, bookmakers have tightened the odds of Prince William’s bride giving birth this year.  Bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes have cut odds to reflect around 8/11 that we’ll see a new prince or princess by the end of 2012, with previous odds of 6/4 offered.

What has triggered the new speculation? Some say the fact that William has whisked Kate off to Switzerland after his tour of duty to the Falklands means that they are now serious about starting a family, however others are saying that she is already pregnant.

Bookmakers have reported on a flurry of unusual betting activity at their sites in the novelty betting sections, with some of them cutting odds by around 15% in the past few days.

Speaking for Paddy Power, Ken Robertson said: “We saw a great deal of money two weeks ago when the price was 7/4. Usually you’d just get a few ten or twenty quid bets on something like this, so when you see people coming in and having a hundred quid – and there were plenty of hundreds and lots of fifties in a tight time square – then you sit up and take notice. But since we came into 8/11, it has been quieter.”

Ladbrokes spokesman, Alex Donahue also commented on the shortened Kate Middleton pregnancy odds and said: “In short, the odds have changed by about 15%.  It’s not a fortune being staked, but the amounts are enough to raise eyebrows in a market like this.”

Asked if he believed Kate was pregnant, Donahue said: “I wouldn’t have an idea, but the money isn’t usually far wrong.”

Do you think that Kate will get pregnant in 2012?  Let us know in the comments below.

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