Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 9 “Queen Of Hearts” Recap 12/02/12

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 9 “Queen Of Hearts” Recap 12/02/12

Tonight on ABC a whole new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME airs called “Queen Of Hearts.”  This is the last show before the mid-season break.  On tonight’s show fearful that Cora may be close to locating the portal into Storybrooke, Regina and Mr. Gold put a plan into action that would kill anyone entering it,  – which would also place Mary Margaret and Emma’s lives in danger.. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Cora did everything in her power to steal the compass away from Mary Margaret and Emma in her quest to find the entrance to Storybrooke.  Meanwhile, in order to protect Henry from further danger, Regina and Mr. Gold had to put David’s life in jeopardy in an attempt to put him in contact with Mary Margaret across the lands to give her vital information that could help her and Emma return through the portal back to Storybrooke

On tonight’s show Cora and Hook face off with Mary Margaret and Emma in a race to secure the compass, which will point its holder to the portal into Storybrooke. But back on the other side, Regina and Mr. Gold, desperate to keep Cora out, put a plan into action that would kill anyone entering the portal – placing Mary Margaret’s and Emma’s lives in danger as well. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Captain Hook travels to Wonderland and meets up with a vengeful Queen of Hearts

Tonight’s episode 9 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the season 2 episode 9 of Once Upon A Time — tonight at 7PM EST! (Yep we get it earlier here) While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the premiere of Once Upon A Time last week!  Catch pics from tonight’s episode below! Don’t forget to come back at 7PM EST for our recap!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens in the Fairytale that was,  with Hook trying to get in to see a prisoner.  We learn the prisoner is Belle.  Belle asks Hook if she is there to kill, Hook claims he is not, he is there to save her.  Hook tells her, her father is in danger and she needs to tell him how to kill Rumpelstiltskin.  She tells Hook she has no idea how to kill Rumple.  He tells her them she is useless and he is not there to save her.  He hits her and she falls to the ground.  He goes to kill her, but Regina the Evil Queen walks in and stops him.  She tells Hook Belle is a chess piece.

Regina/Evil Queen tells Hook she can tell him how to kill Rumpelstiltskin if he does something for her.  They have a drink together.  Regina tells him things are going to change in the world because she is going to activate a curse that will take them to another land where there is no magic.  Then Hook won’t need magic to kill The Dark One/Rumpelstiltskin.  Hook asks what he has to do.  Regina tells him there is one person she does not want to follow her to the land, her mother Cora and he has to stop her.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina tells Mr. Gold that David is not getting better, he really needs “loves true kiss.”  Mr. Gold wants Regina to consider the possibility that when the portal opens it may not be Emma and Mary Margaret but Cora and they both don’t want that to happen.

Regina is hesitant she does not want to really take the chance of destroying the portal because it could be Mary Margaret and Emma coming through the portal and not Cora.

Mr. Gold tells Regina, if Cora gets through the portal she could be a threat to Henry.  Trying to convince her to create a spell with him to destroy the portal.

In the Fairytale that was Emma, Mary Margaret, Aurora and Mulan are in Rumpelstiltskin’s cell and they are looking for the squid ink.  There is a message on the floor and it is for Emma.

Back in Storybrooke Henry is reading a story to David about “True Love’s Kiss.”  Regina tells Henry she is going with Mr. Gold to work on a spell to help Mary Margaret and Emma come through the portal.  Henry is happy because it seems Regina has changed.

Mr. Gold and Regina are in the mine and he is glad she came to her senses.

Back in the Fairytale that was Regina/Evil Queen gives Hook his Hook back and she tells him she put some magic on it which will allow him to take her heart out.  But, it will only allow him to take one heart out.  Hook has to take Cora’s heart out.  Regina/Evil Queen is providing him with a portal to Wonderland.  He will take Claude the guard he killed with him through the portal and come back with Cora.  The portal is a top heart.

Hook goes through the portal and he is in Wonderland and he is being held by guards of the Queen of Hearts.  They have brought Hook in front of the Queen of Hearts.  Hook tells her he has come to see Cora.  The Queen of Hearts tells him she is Cora.  Cora tells him he arrived through the portal with a dead man, who does he intend to return to his land with.  Hook says YOU and takes his Hook and tries to take Cora’s heart out.  He cannot, Cora tells him she was not as stupid as to have kept her heart with her.  Cora grabs Hooks heart and tells him he will tell her everything.

Back in the cell with Mulan, Emma, Mary Margaret and Aurora they are looking for the ink and cannot find.  Aurora becomes frustrated throws the compass and down comes bars and they are stuck in Rumpelstiltskin’s prison.  Cora and Hook appear and the compass comes flying into her hands.  They thank Aurora and Emma asks Aurora how could she.  Cora shows them she has Aurora’s heart, Hook admits he took it.

Back in Storybrooke Leroy is in the mine and he tells Ruby, “they are gone, they are all gone.”  Leroy and Ruby run to see Henry and wants to know where Mr. Gold and Regina are.  Henry is upset because he realizes that his Mom, Regina lied to him.  Henry tells them they have to find Regina and Mr. Gold.

Back in the Fairytale that was Emma is trying to break out of the prison they are locked in.  Mulan tells her it is useless the bars are magic.  Mary Margaret tells them all not to be worried, good always defeats evil.

Emma feels like she has always been Mr. Gold’s pawn and she is not really special.  They found a scroll that Rumplestilskin wrote and it has Emma’s name on it many times.

Cora and Hook are on the way to Lake Nostra, she feels the Lake will restore the wardrobe and act as a portal.

Back in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts/Cora is still trying to get info from Hook.  She wants Hook to help her, she tells Hook if Regina releases the curse he will go to a new land and he won’t remember who he is.  If Hook helps her get close to Regina so she can rip her heart out, she will make sure he remembers all.

Hook brings Cora to Regina in a coffin.  Regina asks Hook if Cora put up a fight, she asks Hook to leave she wants to say goodbye to her mother.  Regina apologizes to Cora and tells her that Daniel told her something she would never forget, “Love Is Weakness” and Regina tells Cora she loves her and her grip on her heart is too strong.  That is why Regina did not want to bring Cora to the new land.  What she is going to do she cannot have weakness. She lies a rose on Cora’s chest and says goodbye.

Regina leaves, Hook walks in and asks what happened.  Cora tells him there has been a change in plans, Regina’s curse is coming and they have to protect themselves.  Cora tells Hook in 28 years the curse will end and then Regina will have lost everything and then Cora will help her pick up the pieces.

Mr. Gold and Regina are in the woods, Mr. Gold shows Regina where Cora is going to come out.  Regina tells Mr. Gold it could be Mary Margaret and Emma. (She is trying to be good)

Back with Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and Aurora, Mary Margaret realizes that Rumpelstiltskin wrote the scroll in squid ink.  Aurora realizes she has to stay because Cora has her heart and she is not to be trusted.  The girls get ready to go back to Storybrooke not that they found Rumpelstiltskin’s squid ink.

Cora and Hook at the same time  are at Lake Nostra preparing to go through the portal.

Mr. Gold shows Regina where the portal will open, Regina asks Mr. Gold what they are waiting for.  The portal starts to turn green with lights and Mr. Gold tells her no one can survive it.

Cora and Hook hold on to the compass and she tells Hook not to let go.  Emma shows up and knocks the compass out of her hand and tells them they are going nowhere.  Emma fights with Hook and Mulan fights with Cora.  Cora disappears and Aurora’s heart goes flying towards the portal, Hook catches it.  They give it to Mulan to bring back to Aurora.

Emma knocks hook out and says to Mary Margaret, lets go home.

Henry shows up and says to Regina she is not helping Mary Margaret and Emma.  Regina tells Henry that she is helping him.  Mr. Gold tells Henry that they cannot leave Cora comes out of the portal.  Regina tells Henry that Cora always destroy everything and she will not let that happen.

Back with Mary Margaret and Emma, Cora tells the girls she is going to Storybrooke to help her daughter Regina.  But first, Cora is going to take what Regina has always wanted, Snow’s heart.  Cora tries to take Mary Margaret/Snow’s heart and Emma steps in.  Cora tries to take Emma’s heart, she tells her “Love is Weakness!”  BUT, she cannot take Emma’s heart and Emma does something magic and Cora goes flying.  Emma looks confused and asks, what was that.  Mary Margaret tells her they will discuss later.

Meanwhile, Henry is screaming and Regina is holding him back.  Henry tells Regina that Mary Margaret and Emma are going to make it through, he just knows it.  He tells her she wanted to be better and she needs to have faith in him and show him she really wants to be good.  Regina steps towards the portal and it throws her back she cannot do it.  She apologizes to Henry.  All of a sudden Mary Margaret and Emma come through the portal and embraces Henry.  Henry tells them that Regina saved them.  Mr. Gold walks away.  Emma tells Regina that her mother Cora is a piece of work.

Mary Margaret leaves and runs to here David is and kisses him.  Magic swirls around and he opens his eyes.  He says to Mary Margaret, “You Did it!” She responds, “Did you ever doubt I would?”

Emma comes to see Mr. Gold and tells him she knows he created the curse and he made her the savior.  Mr. Gold tells him he made have done that, but he did not make her, she is the product of true love.  Emma realizes he does not know, she tells Mr. Gold that when Cora tried to rip her heart out she could not.  Mr. Gold tells her he did not do that, Emma did.

Meanwhile Mulan is with Aurora and she puts her heart back in.  Aurora tells Mulan that Cora told her that they may be able to save Phillip.

Cora and Hook are together and he has some magic beans and he tells her the waters of Lake Nostra are rejuvenating and the drops them in.

Henry tells Regina he knew she would change and he hugs her.

Emma invites everyone to Granny’s for dinner and Henry leaves with , leaving Regina there.  Mr. Gold comes in and congratulates Regina for reuniting mother and son and tells her one day they may invite her to dinner too.

As they walk through the town, you can see magic coming …….

Then we see Cora and Hook on a ship and they are coming in too land in Storybrooke.