One Direction Harry Styles, Gay—Fact or Fiction?

Harry Styles of One Direction, Gay—Fact or Fiction?

I’m going to give you ten seconds to calm down. He might be gay. He might be straight. He could be anywhere in between. However, when you put all of the evidence together, it seems that Harry might not be totally honest with his fans!

After covering up a naked pic scandal (a photo with blurred face, big brown hair, and a dog tag necklace), Harry’s PR people scampered to make sure the world (and fans) knew that the photo of Harry and Niall with lips inches apart is just a weird angle of them whispering. Into each other’s mouths. As we all do when secrecy is required.

With every boy band in history (and most male performers in general) there have been gay rumours. 98 Degrees, N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Hansen, solo artist Mika—the list goes on. I think there’s actually a formula: divide sequins used in tour wardrobe by paparazzi photos of star with female companion, and if the answer is in a certain range, you get high, medium, or low probability of sexuality. Or something like that. I can’t quite remember. Math was never my strong suit at university.

However, that “whispering” photo, which has certainly calmed down a bit in the news, is pretty . . . unique. Do you whisper to your friends that way? It definitely is a red flag for us! No matter the answer, we love Harry Styles. We love his flippy hair, his plump lips, the way he looks into that actress’s eyes and sings, “baby you light up my life like nobody else . . .”

I love that he and the other members of 1D try to promote hair flipping too. I thought it was so . . . nineties, but they’ve really reinvigorated the movement as something that all men find overwhelming. Nothing like a blast of perfumed hair to the face.

All that to say: Harry, if you’re gay, great. If you’re straight, great. We love you no matter who you are. But, ignore the rumors and think on the bright side: the coming out autobiography title writes itself, My Direction: My Story of Singing, Dancing, and Learning to Love Myself. Win win!


  • cristal

    Harry styles is not gay and even of he was everyone is still going to like him as much as they do today because there’s nothing wrong with being gay. It’s a part of life people deal with it.

  • Destiny

    Get a life and if YOU where at the concert or watched the WHOLE video you could see he was whispering to Niall

  • he is not gay!!! stop saying that!!!!!!

  • Gaaaaayyyyyyy

  • Guys, I don’t give a [expletive] about one direction, but even if this boy was gay, then who gives a shit? I have so many gay friends, does it bother me? [expletive] no. And all you little direction’ers need to consider the fact that he might actually be a homosexual, or atleast bi sexual, because there IS something there. Anyway, bye.

  • daryin

    not gay

  • stephanie cabral

    Harry styles is NOT gay he is sososososo cute

    • Amelia

      Just because somebody is cute doesn’t mean their not gay. >.>

  • not gay

  • Dollar

    He’s not gay and that picture is not an evidence that someone is gay.

  • Mary directioner

    Um… He is NOT gay… Have you seen these words before?:Larry Styliation? Umm hello!! Welcome to one direction bromance!!!!!

  • Marianny

    nada a ver esse povo q inventa muita coisa a respeito de Harry Styles só pq ele é bonito e muito talentosa e além de ser dono de uma linda e marcante voz esse povo daqui a uns dias nao vai ter maiis nada pra inventar viuu!!!!!

  • eleanor***

    Harry is not gay, i don’t care about the rumors i love him no matter what. i don’t like him because of his voice, i like him because he’s just Harry. People are making up stories and Photoshop pictures just to look right without thinking how people are going to feel.

    • gssjv

      ohh i love you!!!! your right

  • Harrysbabe19

    He is not gay and non of this stuff is true

  • He’s bi! I’m 99.9% sure!

  • Stephanie Avis

    I think Louis and Harry should go out they would be a great couple and who cares if he is gay they still make great songs so why is people saying stupid rumours

  • Amelia

    He’s totally gay, or at least bisexual. And I love him all the same.

  • Jasmine Narro

    He Is Gay,I Saw Him Touch Louis’s Butt In Real Life Cause I Dated Niall Once…Just For A 3 Months.

    • kdhdjdbd

      Hahah your so funny!!! so you think we will believe you Hahhahaahha