Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Separated – Couple Breaks Up After Only 2 Years of Marriage

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Separated - Couple Breaks Up After Only 2 Years of Marriage

Legolas is a bachelor once again!  Orlando Bloom and wife Miranda Kerr have called it quits after only two years of marriage.  In Touch has confirmed that the twosome have decided to take a break.  Says an insider, “Right now they’re separated.  They’re living apart and figuring out what they want to do next.  They’re not on the same page anymore.”  In recent weeks Kerr has been seen out without her wedding ring and there had been reports of discord between the couple ever since baby Flynn was born.

Sorry Miranda, but having a baby just can’t save a marriage.  A man’s dream is to marry a Victoria’s Secret Model, but clearly Orlando couldn’t visualize the family aspect of a marriage and has jumped ship.  It is no secret that he adores his son, but he is not willing to play the role of stay-at-home dad.  Orlando is young and work is his priority right now.  Miranda on the other hand wants mothering to be her full time job.  Sigh…rich people problems.

Gossip Cop has attempted to put the kibosh on that story by claiming sources close to Bloom and Kerr have called the story false.  That source goes on to say that the couple have plans to spend the holidays together and the only reason why they are in fact living apart right now is because Miranda is modeling in New York while Orlando is on the other side of the world in Africa filming his next movie Zulu.

Yeah, yeah, those are just semantics.  These two are over.  Miranda tried to have a marriage saver, Flynn, but it didn’t work and now Orlando is moving on to bigger and probably younger women.

What do you think readers?  Are these two really over or is their PR team just creating some drama to get them back in the spotlight?

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  • disqus_7JW2xXpEbR

    ok first, their baby is called FLYNN, F-L-Y-N-N, you even got the baby’s name wrong so I don’t think whatever information you’re giving here is reliable at all.

  • Lily

    I think that they should sue you and that so-called “source” for
    spreading the idiotic rumors. Maybe then you will think before writing
    this nonsense trying to get attention on this forgotten site of yours.
    You got it, all right. You pulled out the gossips about “the ring” from
    the several month ago nonsense.FYI: people DON’T HAVE TO wear the
    wedding rings all the time. Especially they don’t have to wear it to
    please the paps and the lousy, pathetic “sources.” There are a lot of
    people who don’t wear the rings. So what? I don’t wear my wedding ring
    very often (my husband doesn’t like wear rings in general) and we are happily married for 20 years. I know many examples like that.
    In case you didn’t know: In some places it considered a bad taste to
    wear the expensive rings (doesn’t matter it’s a wedding ring or not) without
    the proper attire. Guess what:I don’t wear diamonds with snickers.

  • Sophia

    You seem so bias, like you have a hate for Miranda Kerr, its their family and you know holywood its full of rumours. And who doesn’t want to be a mum.