P. Diddy And Missy Elliot Get Undone Down Under By Australian Hip Hop Supafest

P. Diddy And Missy Elliot Get Undone Down Under By Australian Hip Hop Supafest

P Diddy and Missy Elliot are getting screwed by the Australian Hip Hop Supafest and it’s turning into an international scandal.  Attention! Hold the Phone!  P Diddy is super tee’d off.  It started last night and it was still going on this morning.  It seems that he and Missy Elliot were cut from the Australian Hip Hop Festival Supafest.  They were supposed to perform in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth but I guess they will not.

The producer said this was all due to”low ticket sales” (sure). Diddy was tweeting up a storm about how they never sent him “his money and they are in breach of contract”.  You can mess with P.Diddy about a few things (Oh forget that you can’t mess with Diddy he’s the man!), but never his money (are they stupid?), he’s a business man… and allegedly has deadly gangster affiliations.

He also had some very explicit comments (cursing of course, I don’t blame him) that he made on Twitter, but I’m trying to keep it clean but (Whew!), he is really upset to say the least.

Missy Elliot released a statement this morning through her Manager Mona Scott-Young that they were just “in talks” and that nothing was signed or written in stone.  But shockingly the promoters had already starting advertising that she would be performing there.  Ms. Mona also stated “That on behalf of Missy and all of them they apologize to all the fans for the false advertisement, because they knew nothing about it“.

I personally believe them.  Mona Scott-Young is an upfront manager and I have never heard one single shady thing said – neither about her nor about any dealings that she has been involved in.  Now isn’t that something guys?  If I was over there I would want my money back for the tickets I had bought just out of principal alone, talk about false representation!!!

Image credit: BRJ/FameFlynet Pictures

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