Paris Jackson and Katherine Jackson at War – What Happened to Michael Jackson’s Daughter?

Paris Jackson and Katherine Jackson at War – What Happened to Michael Jackson’s Daughter?

It doesn’t seem that Paris Jackson is able to escape the rumours of rebellion and defiance, because Katherine Jackson is so fed up with Paris Jackson’s wild ways that she was overheard screaming at her, “Your father would be furious with you!” What happened to the King of Pop’s daughter? Did Michael Jackson’s untimely death prove too much for her?

Paris arrived at a star studded red carpet event in Beverly Hills earlier this month with a blue gown, high heels and heavy makeup. “Paris is growing up way too fast and Katherine is worried to death about her. She looked like a 24-year-old. Katherine blew up and told Paris she was wearing too much makeup, her clothes were too tight and revealing, and that she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd,” revealed an inside source to the Enquirer. Please note, Paris Jackson is only 14-years-old, yet she’s acting like a man-child of Drew Barrymore proportions. Yes, admittedly, her life hasn’t been the same as her peers, but trying to be a grown-up in a child’s world is looked down upon by the entertainment industry.

Paris also posted a photo of herself with short hair on her Twitter page, which sent Katherine reaching for the Prozac and tea. Fortunately, Paris was only playing around and tried to emulate Miley Cyrus in the picture. The insider revealed, “When Katherine saw the picture, she almost had a heart attack. Paris’ shenanigans are getting to be too much for Katherine. She’s too old to handle a crazy young teenage girl like that.” Paris and Katherine have also been fighting about Paris’ acting future. The young “star” is set to star in “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys”, a fantasy family film slated for release in 2013. She has also been very visible in the public eye since her father’s death in 2009 and appeared as a member of the audience on X-Factor USA’s first season during Michael Jackson Week.

Do you think Paris is growing up too fast? Do you think she should be reined in by Katherine? According to the source, “Paris can’t be tamed by anyone. She’s a hellion and it’s driving her grandma crazy.” What do you think? Should she be allowed to dress as a grown-up woman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • bob

    lies, seriously leave these kids alone, no one believes any of your crap.

  • It’s ALL Katherine’s fault. SHE gave her all that freedom, she turned her in what Paris became now. Michael Jackson raised her like a normal little girl with rules to follow, but Katherine decided he was too strict and gave her the freedom to do WHATEVER. Now she screams but unfortunately it’s already too late. Of course Michael Jackson would be horrified and would be disgusted by Katherine also, who chose not to respect his wishes to raise his children. AND he would have never let things like that to happen.

    • Peter

      Ahh – you’re personally there to witness everything are you?

      Why do you act like you know any of these people at all? It’s silly.

    • she needs a good joe jackson whooping, because when janet was trying to tell her what to do that was too harsh,and if mj was living she wouldnt be on twitter or anything. i have a 14 year old niece and believe me she is not trying to be grown no kind of the way!!!!

  • Monica

    This media article should be reported for child abuse to the government child protective services. Even the media is not above the law for harassing, verbally and emotionally abusing a 14 year old child, Paris. Seriously.

  • revan

    i know from the beginning that she was trouble.that is probably the reason that grandma needed a break.

    • Peter

      And another “eye witness” who sits with the Jacksons at their house every day. Not.

      Seriously – I read this and I thought … hmm … a 14 year old girl acting like … a 14 year old girl.

  • Ashley

    Sounds like bullcrap to me. Or something made up by Janet. They should be thankful Paris is dressing BETTER than most girls her age. She’s NOT showing too much skin. As for her makeup, all girls go through a terrible makeup experimenting phase. Paris always looks lovely.

    • raven

      the the hell janet have to do with it.

  • watk

    This is a bunch of BS. This rag took her innocent comment that “grandma had a heart attack” , referring to when she first saw her BANGS( but then got used to them and likes her new style)….and they have turned it into this crap. She will be a target b/c she draws attention , has star quality and will sell papers. There is no insider …except perhaps Randy or Jermaine and Randy and Jermaine’s baby mamma who are STILL trying to make money off these kids , from these kids or through these kids . Katherine, please keep the children out of the glaring, cruel, viscious public spotlight and let them be children. And stop allowing your adult children to talk them into these public outings. Latoya used these kids to draw attention to herself b/c she has a tv show to promote. That’s why she is Paris’ biggest supporter….all her siblings are jealous that she now can use the kids for her own promotion and profit and they are shut out as the mean aunts and uncles. It is dysfunctional and will eventually be the downfall of these children.

    • raven

      Why is it hard to believe that Paris is just like any other smart mouth think their grown kids. Cause she is Michael daughter. She is no different from any other child in this world. Stop trying to put her on a peddle stool she is not freaking gold. Believe it or not she has faults just like everyone else. Just cause she was raised by Michael doesn’t mean she is all sugar and spice and it doesn’t give her a free ride in this world.

  • steve

    Paris is a normal teenaged girl. With fame. I foresee a very tragic life ahead.

  • Paris Jackson is growing up. The Jackson family has capitalized off of Michael’s three kids since his death. They have thrown them out into the public, and now that Paris has a mind of her own they want to say all kinds of cruel things about her. I don’t believe there is any beef between her and her grandmother. She cut her hair give me a break, what is so deep about that? The other Jackson are just angry that they have been shunned by Katherine Jackson after the stunt they pulled over the summer. Now they want to come at Michael’s kids. People never seem to grow up. I see why Michael kept his distance from that family.

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  • Sharnett

    We really dont know the truth, so we have no right to JUDGE anyone!!!!!

  • raven

    It invovles there mother so it is her business thank you very much.

  • Monica

    did anyone tell you that you need to evolve as a human being? or are you supporting this article becoz u wrote it or u work for this company? pathetic

    • raven

      Frist off get a life and stop putting all your faith into these people that don’t care about you and don’t even know you exist. There only getting richer off you. Oh ya NEWS FLASH Paris is not the only person that can have an opinion in the Internet. I guess according to you she is the only one that can.

      • Monica

        Ha ha! Listen to u, u sound so immature! come back to this post after u have grown up! u have nothing more left to say :) best to ignore toxic negative entities. I would rather give my energy responding to a positive one. such a waste

        • raven

          Well I just proven my point. Go and continue kissing Paris ass.

  • Oriada

    Leave Paris alone she’s just a NORMAL TEENAGER!!

  • sharon

    While there father was alive no one even saw paris’s face.she always wore a shes everywhere.i think her dress and make up are very inappropriate for a girl her age

  • MJJJusticeProject

    This is a bunch of tabloid BS. Paris is a normal fourteen year old girl who just happens to be under a microscope and she will be criticized just like her beloved father no matter what she does. If she was home out of the spotlight we’d be hearing these very same people complaining she was a sheltered anti-social introvert. There is no pleasing everyone so the best thing she can do is be true to herself and keep her father’s advice in her mind and heart.

  • cym

    I dont believe whatever’s written in this article, so many lies have been written about the Jackson’s and this is just one them,another crappy article about MJs kids and his family, in my opinion Paris is just growing up normally, if you compare to other teens she is just fine.

  • lmfo

    ” Do you think Paris is growing up too fast?” What the [expletive]?! Its not ANYONES bisnes! Get a [expletive] life and leave innocent girl ALONE!

  • no I think Paris Jackson is just growing up (not to fast) and she is enjoying her childhood, she wants to be an actress and its coming through and I believe that she can look like whatever she wants and do whatever she wants, she’s a teenager, all teenagers are like that. Let her be, She is just being herself and living life the way she wants to live it.