Pippa Middleton Won’t Be A Lonely Heart On Valentine’s Day

Pippa Middleton Won't Be A Lonely Heart On Valentine's Day

Pippa Middleton had a heartbreaking and very public split from her long-term man, Alex Loudon, last year. Since then no new lovers for Kate Middleton’s sexy sister have surfaced and now Pippa faces spending Valentine’s Day all alone. But Pippa is no self-pitying weakling and the sister-in-law of Prince William simply refuses to be a lonely heart on Valentine’s Day.

Pippa donned her party-planner hat to come up with a seductive plan to “spread the love” on the lover’s holiday. Pippa has devised a list of ideas for the traditionally romantic day but what’s special about it is that it is for single people as much as for couples!

Pippa wrote on her Party Times website: “Throw a Valentine-themed party for a few friends. Set the table in reds and pinks to mark the occasion and fill jars with carnations, tea lights and heart-shaped sparklers. Hang some heart decorations around the room for the extra kitsch factor and drink sparkling wine or specially mixed Valentine’s cocktails from hot pink glasses.”

“For a fun Valentine’s dessert idea, how about dipping marshmallows and fruit into a molten chocolate fountain? Everyone can join in – just make sure you have napkins as things may get messy!”

For couples Pippa suggested a stay-at-home plan: “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean a table for two at a couple-filled restaurant. Instead of going out to the cinema, why not enjoy a romantic film at home? Snuggle up together complete with cartons of popcorn.”

No doubt Pippa is a great party planner and we appreciate her suggestions – but what we really want to know is what her plans are for a new boyfriend!!

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