Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Are Getting A Divorce (Photo)

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Are Getting A Divorce (Photo)

The March 26th issue of Globe Magazine features the cover story ‘Charles and Camilla – The Final Split.’  Globe magazine once again feeds the rumors that Prince’s Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles‘ are headed for a divorce. Charles and Camilla have been romantically linked since Charles was married to the late Princess Diana. If the divorce rumors are true, the couple will have to divide a fortune of 300 million dollars.

Globe has the scoop: In a world exclusive, GLOBE can reveal that Prince Charles and his scheming wife Camilla have finally split after seven years of marriage. And in a bombshell revelation, we’ve learned that Queen Elizabeth is involved in the top-secret divorce deal after a public spat with Camilla. Find out the shocking details – and why William’s bride Kate is thrilled – only in the new GLOBE.

Rumors have suggested for some time that Prince Charles and Camilla have been leading separate lives as she is struggling to cope with the pressures of being a royal.  Out of more than 80 engagements over the last five months, Charles and Camilla have only carried out nine together.

Although Globe carried this same story in June 2011 they claim this time they have all the information inside the divorce.  How Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton is glad to see Camilla go and how the Queen has places a gag order on the couple.  The last thing she wants is all their dirty laundry to be made public.

So there you have the story!  What do you think are Charles and Camilla finally headed for the divorce courts?  Is this just more groundless speculation by Globe?  Can Charles and Camilla keep a lid on it?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know what you think!


17 responses to “Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Are Getting A Divorce (Photo)”

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Hip Hip Hooray you got your Just desserts after what you noth did to Princess diana

  3. Sallyann says:

    Hip Hip Hooray you got your Just desserts after what you noth did to Princess diana

  4. Rachii says:

    If this was true wouldn’t there be more press on it? I mean I live in the UK and I’ve heard nothing about this so it sounds like lies to me.

  5. After his childhood fantasy became a reality, it wasn’t so great. Probably he liked the sneaking around part, before.  I bet the Queen will  (or is) ticked off about having to divey up the Royal Family Money.  As w/ Diana, dead or alive, all her money goes to her kids.  Camilla’s? — to her Parker Bowles kids?  “What a world, what a world.”  What do other people think??

    • CH53 says:

      If Camilla isn’t careful I predict she will have a “fatal accident”. The Queen doesn’t like parting with her money or people within her coven, oooops I mean family, dragging their dirty laundry out in public. She may look like a defenseless old bad, but this is one queen you don’t mess with.

  6. Lydia Lilli says:

    It’s a bullcrap story.  You’ve been printing these same old lies for a long time.

  7. Swilco04 says:

    I really don’t care. That is their business, and not mine. IF it is true, then the old phrase “what goes around, comes around” applies. IF it is not true, The Globe doesn’t need to print such tripe. Either way, it has no bearing on my life, so don’t bother me with it.

  8. Lusa48 says:

    I hope Charles is divorcing Camilla.  It’s about time. Camilla keeps calling Kate a commoner.  Well, Camilla acts and talks like a common drunk. Kate acts more like royalty with good manners. Kate is a true “Lady”. Camilla is no lady.

    • CH53 says:

      A true lady doesn’t show her bare breast in public.
      These folks are rich enough to have gone somewhere private. The future queen of England going topless and pulling her pants down is not classy – it’s trash with a crown.

  9. Loquacious45 says:

    Well good riddance to bad rubbish and Diana has won as she always said that Charles would never be king and her son would because the truth of the matter is, she was more Royal than any of them when you trace her ancestry.  Diana is laughing in heaven.

  10. Karen Denison says:

    Well, I won’t lose any sleep over it.  She got what she wanted and now she has to pay for it.  Kate is not going to be like Diana and she will stand up for herself.  Camilla doesn’t have to worry about being queen…..

  11. kelly says:


  12. Camilla is worth nothing very much like Katherine .A lady is honesty and pure in goodness.No ,Katherine is no lady…Diviocing monarchy is the soul reason for the royal laws to protect the royal hiers from Katherine and Camilla hidden evil purpose for marriage.Greatly they will not recieve as Princess Diana.They were worth nothing in finanaces before marriage and the pr alone to clean up their horried sexual history is enough of alimony to aspect anything at all….term of dutchess remove and a possibile 1,000 or $ 343.00 or $543.00 a month for 5 year or married again….Nothing to recieve just finalize decreedment of divioce or annullment..Camilla is already with her same income before Charles married her.Not to lose thier money they had before marriage they will not beable to challenge.Only recieve the paper works.Lady Diana was a full monarchy it’s understood why she recieved.For Camilla and Katherine they are not blood hiers or have the rights to monarchy privilages…More in likely they would want to sell their goods recieved in marriage and no housing will be provided….

  13. It’s more an likely they married for the purpose of money and title to rule an image created by them to be successful.Love wouldn’t be the source of a workingclass to marry a monarchy.It’s to make the barbie dream fairytale story they imagined as a child be real by forced domination or brow beating the monarchy to feel weak or infearior to their hardship.An so they use it as levage to recieve their little girl dream of a fairytale princess..Not fully capable of adult decisions or reality of intentions to wed.Thus the laws on workingclass not being giving the royal rights or preveliage to the rank of a dutchess term or anying monarchy term…

  14. CH53 says:

    It’s probably rumor. You have to remember these folks live in 100+ room houses (not homes) and can have their own separate bedroom, parlor, bath, servants, sex partners, a life apart under the same roof, or another palace even.

    They are both old and ugly (I’m old and not that bad for my age) but why would Charles have preferred Camilla over Diana? And why did the royals murder such a classy act?

    Whatever, I say kick all the royals out, do what the french did, cut off their heads and divide the money up among the People that they rule over.

    Monarchies going into the 21st century – nonsense.

  15. Stephany Fofano says:

    yes finally Evil witch is getting a divorce from Charles know Kate Middleton,Prince William,Prince Harry and the Queen can live in peace=][=]=]