Prince Harry’s Naked Scandal On TV: Carrie Reichert’s Tell-All Interview

Carrie Reichert

Carrie Reichert had a notoriously drunken snog and fumble with Prince Harry during his night of raunchy nudity in Las Vegas, and now the blonde model-turned-beautician is planning to tell her story in an exclusive US television interview. She will discuss how the British Secret Service used her as a scapegoat and tried to silence her after she sold her story to a well known UK tabloid. The legally troubled 32-year-old buxom blonde has also enlisted the assistance of a show business manager to secure this exclusive interview.

According to recent reports, Reichert was locked up in a county jail in Mississippi for bouncing checks worth a total of $21 000. She claims the British Secret Service should be blamed for her incarceration. Why? How? According to a source at RadarOnline, “Carrie has a lot to say on the matter. She feels she’s been unfairly treated and wants to go on national TV to talk about her plight. She believes there’s still a lot more to say about her encounter with Harry and is desperate to prove that she did spend time with him in his hotel suite.” Uh-oh! Hang on to your hats folks, this snitch is about to bite the dust! “The royal family claimed that Carrie made up the story and was desperate for fame, and Harry said he had never met her. However, Carrie is standing by her story.

Is this another case of fame whoring paranoia? Is Reichert really being targeted by “men in black”? We’re strong believers of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” She might be using the whole Prince Harry scandal as a scapegoat, seeing that Reichert faces up to 5 years in a federal prison if she is found guilty of the check bouncing crime. Reichert’s attorney, however, is almost certain that Reichert was used and abused by the justice system. According to Donald Rafferty, her attorney, “Carrie feels like she is being treated much different to other people. I am not convinced that Mississippi authorities were the ones necessarily stirring that gumbo as we say, but something was.” Rafferty was asked whether he believes Reichert was silenced by the British Secret Service, to which he responded, “There has been discussions in the legal team concerning whether that was a motivating factor for the way the authorities have been handling the case. However, we will see how the state case develops.

Ooh, it’s like a real life James Bond movie! The guilty ones usually claim innocence, but who is the guilty one in this story? Is it Reichert? Is it Prince Harry? Is it the British Secret Service? It wasn’t Miss Scarlett or Colonel Mustard, so it could only have been Miss Reichert with Prince Harry’s penis in the Las Vegas hotel room.  What do you think? Who is to blame? Do you think Carrie Reichert is as guilty as sin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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