Prince Harry Sex Tape? More Damaging Reports Surface From Prince’s Wild Night

Prince Harry Sex Tape? More Damaging Reports Surface From Prince's Wild Night 0826

Prince Harry’s nude pics are turning out to be just child’s play as a source is coming out saying something “gigantic” is about to unfold pertaining to the prince’s infamous wild night in Las Vegas. Radar Online reports:

The nightmare continues for the bad boy of the royal family as rumors swirl that his nude photo scandal could just be the tip of the iceberg. A source told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the strip billiards game is mild in comparison to other shenanigans that allegedly took place during Prince Harry’s stay in Sin City.

The source claims “something pretty gigantic” is involved.

Whatever it is, hotel developer Steve Wynn – who owns the Encore Wynn Resort where Harry stayed – is reportedly unhappy about the major security breach, which stunned the world and embarrassed the royal family. According to the Daily Mail the billionaire paid for the third in line to the British throne and his pals to stay at his luxury resort. Although he is taking a break in St Tropez, Wynn is apparently reviewing security at his complex, which is a popular hangout for high profile celebrities.

So what do you think it is? Sex tape? Threesome pics? Harry in bed with a dude? The possibilities are endless and my mind is running wild. The palace flipped out over the strip billiards game. What the hell will it do if a sex tape emerges? It would do everything in its power to put a stop to it, but if we know anything about celebrity indiscretions, they have a nasty habit of becoming public (see also: Prince Charles, Princess Diana).

So we have to play the waiting game for a bit but here’s what we do know: Prince Harry was said to have left the billiards game with the chick he bear hugged naked from behind. Obviously, they didn’t leave to have a heart to heart chat. If girls at the party could take pictures of Harry in the buff, there’s no reason to suspect an enterprising guest couldn’t have followed the couple in the room to play paparazzi while he was busy playing patty cake. Also, Harry’s security was woefully out of its league in Vegas. The  handlers were partying as much as the prince and could have been drunk or high or both that night – not in the best position to monitor. And lastly, we know Harry is a dumb ass and makes bad decisions. Those three facts pose a ginormous risk to the third in line to the English thrown.

Do you think he knows something’s brewing? Daddy yanked him out of Vegas fast and he’s been under house arrest since he flew back to London with his tail between his legs. Then the palace released a statement saying he probably wouldn’t be involved with the paralympics’ closing ceremony. I remember thinking that was weird at the time because I was sure the palace’s PR machine would use the hell out of those events to clean up his party boy image. But this feels off. Something’s about to go down. He can smile off the naked pics scandal. Most people thought it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway and assumed his reputation would rebound in no time at all. But a sex tape or something equally damning could probably be the biggest f-ck up to hit the royal family since his parents got caught cheating on each other. Kim Kardashian can marry Kanye West and go to church on Sunday but she’s still a sex tape star. Same would go for Harry!

I’m almost praying for a sex tape. Everyone has sex so people can let that go after awhile but drugs… drugs could be bad. If there are pics of Harry snorting lines off a hooker’s ass then we’re talking a whole different ball game. I don’t even think Kate Middleton’s baby could save him from that.

Do you sense something’s about to go down? What could be worse than the nude pics leaking?

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures