Prince William and Kate Middleton will Raise their Child by Themselves — No Royal Help Required!


Prince William and Kate Middleton are well on their way to welcoming a new lil’ royal into the world. The couple wants to assure everyone that once the baby is born they will be hands-on parents, even with their abundance of royal duties and requirements. Even though royal tradition typically encourages the baby to be given an entourage of people to help with all facets of life and child rearing, Prince Will and Kate never have been ones to stick to traditions. While they will enlist the help of a part-time nanny, we can all expect the royal couple to be very involved parents. What a cool thing, right?

Kate will be returning to her volunteering with the Scouts as well as participate in other charity organizations that are important to her, and Prince William will undoubtedly have obligations as well. It’s only natural that a new couple have a nanny for a little while, and it’s the norm for a celebrity couple to have a nanny, so why should Will and Kate be any different?

An insider for US Weekly says, “They want to be as hands on as possible.” Another friend mentions that “They’re very outdoorsy. I’m sure it will be the same with the kids — playing outside and going for walks.”

Well, I’d hope so! The kid has to get out sometime! While people are already chatting about the baby’s birth, Kate has to get a handle on her morning sickness and improve her diet — and adjust to eating for another lil’ prince or princess! “As soon as she can eat normally again, she’ll be avoiding processed foods,” said a source for the magazine. We hope she sticks to that goal because these early stages of pregnancy are so important.

What do you think about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby?

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One response to “Prince William and Kate Middleton will Raise their Child by Themselves — No Royal Help Required!”

  1. So very happy for them, they will do all the right things for sure and making theier decisions together, not influenced by any of the rest of the royal family. However, they will talk and consulte with the Queen, letting her know of their decisions.