Prince William Fears Kate Middleton Could Be Driven Mad

Prince William Fears Kate Middleton Could Be Driven Mad

Prince William is a loving and devoted husband to Kate Middleton who has rapidly become the favorite British Royal. But Kate’s huge popularity – she is the darling of the media and the British public – is precisely the cause of a serious potential problem.

William remembers well what happened to his mom, the late Princess Diana, and he fears that his precious wife could suffer the same cruel fate.

Diana was the ‘People’s Princess’ but NOT Queen Elizabeth’s!  William’s grandmother hated Diana – she was too ‘common’ and all too familiar with the crowd for the monarch’s taste.  Elizabeth insisted that Prince Charles marry and Diana was considered the closest thing to an acceptable match.  Diana was not aloof and superior like the rest of the insufferable royal family and was consequently ostracized by them. Not to mention that Elizabeth and the rest of blood royals resented Diana’s popularity and were terribly jealous of it.

To add to Diana’s woes and stress level, the paparazzi, and even more respectable media, were obsessed with her.  She became a prisoner without a jail – wherever she went she was mobbed and any semblance of a normal life disappeared.  Poor Diana was not built for such an existence and between the royal disdain and the media frenzy the poor woman was driven to mental illness and substance abuse.  Even after her separation and divorce from cheating Charles, Diana could find no peace, and a high speed paparrazi pursuit led to her tragic and totally unnecessary death.

Well – does any of the above sound familiar?  It should.  Kate Middleton is popular to the point of distraction… HER distraction.  And the Royal Family’s recent disgusting antics – based on jealousy, pettiness, and their unmerited sense of entitlement, have shown Kate that she is, and always will be, an outsider.  We refer to the Queen’s demand – in fact royal decree –  that Kate curtsy before the blood prince and princesses whenever Will is not around.  This just makes sure that Kate knows that she is NOT really one of the family.  She is good enough to produce the future monarch but not to stand shoulder to shoulder with those repulsive snobs – they are going to make her eat crow before she becomes Queen (Queen Consort formally) when Prince William is crowned King.

An insider told Life & Style Weekly Print Edition, July 16th: ‘William saw the pain and anguish his mom went through.’ Another source adds:  ‘The last thing he wants is for Kate to go through the same tough times.’

But there is a key difference between Kate’s situation and the late Diana’s – Prince William loves his Kate whereas Prince Charles despised Diana.  Charles married Diana at Queen Elizabeth’s insistence after his mom refused to allow him to hook up with his true love and secret lover, the already married Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Diana was used as the royal brood mare to produce Charles’ heirs in a loveless show-marriage.  Kate and Will appear to be a real couple – their love is genuine – and Prince William will protect her… at least we hope that he can!

Prince William Fears Kate Middleton Could Be Driven Mad1