Queen Elizabeth Humiliates Kate Middleton: Duchess Of Cambridge Now A Second Class Royal

Queen Elizabeth Humiliates Kate Middleton: Duchess Of Cambridge Now A Second Class Royal

Kate Middleton has been put in her place by Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II! As we reported last week on CDL much of the royal family was put off by the prominence of Kate during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. After getting hold of the monarch’s ear Elizabeth was persuaded to announce the enforcement of a rule:  Kate must curtsy to the blood prince and princesses whenever hubby isn’t around.  This repulsive ritual – the curtsy is designed to show that Kate is merely a princess through marriage whereas Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are born of the royal blood.

This week’s edition of Life & Style has the cover story ‘The Queen Humiliates Kate’ and although we disagree that Elizabeth’s motivation was personal jealousy of Kate’s popularity, they are right about this protocol being a humiliation.  We are pretty sure that the pressure came from less popular, high ranking senior royalty – they are totally pissed off that Kate is so great and so popular.  Kate will handle this insult and let’s remember… Kate will one day be Queen sitting beside Prince William as King!

Life & Style reports: During Queen Elizabeth’s recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations, all eyes were on Prince William’s wife of 14 months, Kate Middleton, who appeared to be embraced as a member of the family. But just weeks later, Kate has been delivered a slap in the face.

In an official revision to the Royal Household’s Order of Precedence, Kate, 30, is now required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 23, and Princess Eugenie, 22. Why? They’re considered blood princesses, while Kate merely married into the royal family.

“It’s a total humiliation for Kate,” a source in Kate and William’s social circle confirms to Life & Style. “It’s like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this.”

 Even more insulting, when William’s with her, no curtsy is necessary — but if she encounters them without her husband by her side, she has to bow down, whether in public or private.

 “These moves from the queen are designed to remind Kate that just because she’s popular, she isn’t as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member,” a friend reveals.

 Life & Style also talks about Adele’s pregnancy and the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes divorce on the cover – no big surprise about that.

What do you think?  Is Kate Middleton your favorite royal?  Let us know in the comments below.

24 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Humiliates Kate Middleton: Duchess Of Cambridge Now A Second Class Royal”

  1. StaticNomad says:

    Tom Cruise – not Tome, and divorce… not dicorce. Spell check and editing should be in place. 

    As for Kate? She’ll handle it gracefully and with dignity. As stated already, she will one day be Queen and I’m certain that by that time, she will change those rules to be less humiliating. 

    • farmacia says:

      Kate Middleton cannot change not one rule of the rule of the monarchy.
      Kate will NEVER be Queen Regnant.
      To be that, you must be a blood royal.
      For Americans that do not know:
      A Queen Regnant IS the monarch, and an outright ruler in her own right; a Queen Consort is ONLY a queen by virtue of being married to the King, who is the monarch
      as William will someday be.

      • For your information, I have been reading information that says Prince Edward IV was illegitimate and thus the blood line lineage was breached and the real KING lives in Australia. The Queen and her family are GERMANS not ENGLISH!!!

  2. theresa says:

    kate is so graceful and what a smile,princess diane would just love her daughter in law.i dont think kate should bow to fergie,come on now leave the real princess alone,she has the grace of a queen.we love you kate,just keep smiling,and hold your head up high,because you are the most amazeing of them all.god bless you and your prince.

  3. Carolan says:

    Tom Cruise isn’t married to or divorcing Katie Perry …  His soon to be ex wife is Katie Holmes. Does anyone do the fact checking here? Kate Middleton will handle this with the same class she always exudes! She is awesome!!

  4. Guest says:

    What a load of tripe.  Firstly royalty is based on a fallacy unlike an elected president which goes through a democratic voting process by the people.  Itis not just pure luck and an accident of birth.  The royal family are just ordinary people like you or me who got rich, probably by dubious means on the backs of other people.  Then they suddenly think the’re above other people, should be put on a pedestal and called titles. Rubbish, they’ve the same bodily functions as the rest of us, they are born and die like us.  They are no different from us, except alot richer and maybe more powerful! Then you have this nonsense that ‘woman’ has decreed about a non blood royal curtysing to a blood royal. Has it got to do with the fact that Kate has far more class, is far more beautiful and has tonnes more fashion sense not to mention more popularity than these two rather plain ordinary looking girls (that’s all they are) who look like the’re wearing wallpaper half the time.  You’ll have the last laugh Kate, think of all you have over them when you are forced to curtsey to them.  You remind me of Cinderella and well you know what those two remind me of. ;)

    What century are these people living in anyway with their outdated rituals. I’m not a fan of royalty (though I think it’s good for tourism, about all its good for IMHO besides generating a sense of national identity from segments of the population) as you may have gathered but Elizabeth gained alot of brownie points on her recent trip to Ireland.  Even I enjoyed it and watched her and love her dress sense but now with this decree she has gone totally down in my estimation.  Who does she think she is to be issuing such ridiculus decrees in the first place.  She needs to learn humility, all this adulation has obviously gone to her head. Lets hope if and when William gets (if people haven’t wolen up in the meantime to what a fallacy this whole institution is) to the throne he’ll breathe some fresh air & modernity into this stuffy, outdated institution.

    • farmacia says:

      “Who does she think she is to be issuing such ridiculus decrees in the first place?”- Guest
      She’s the Queen! that is who she is!

  5. Eleanor says:

    I do not think this is to humiliate Cathrine. I feel it is proper protocol since she is not a blood relative of he royal family and it is only right and fair to keep things in an orderly fashion. Why should an outsider- a part of the family a wet day (no disrespect) be seen as the one in glory (although Im sure she will carve a path for herself) when there is blood relatives which are seeming to be in the back round. It is just the proper order of things and makes a lot of sense.

  6. Guest says:

    I think it is right that she must curtsy to them but you do have to reamember when William becomes King and Kate becomes Queen they will be higher on the royal importance scale. Juat keep that in mind. I also think that it isnt totaly Kates fault she is so popular she and William are he most modern and down to earth royals there are, so that means she will conect with the people more also because she was an ordinary girl before she married into the royal crown.

  7. LadyEssie says:

    I don’t need to read my history books to point out the wrongs. 60 years to the queen and suddenly she reverts to childish reactions. Kate’s popularity will only grow bolder if they the ‘Royals’ keeps considering themselves high up the totem pole. I hope the Queen studs her toes.

    • farmacia says:

      They *are* up high in the totem pole.
      Either we like it or not.
      Kate is a commoner not even an aristocrat as Princess Diana was. ( Though Diana was NOT a Princess Royale).
      The Queen has never ever reverted to any ‘childish’ reactions in her entire life as a reigning monarch.

  8. Britain. says:

    Kate is the only princess that needs not to bow down to two stupid princess like beatrice and co

  9. Rebecca says:

    the royal family are always saying they want their private life. what do they think about kates life she now won’t be able to act anyway normal around her inlaws…. if they keep at it, it will end up similar to Diana’s story… the senior Royals and Beatrice and eugenie are just full of jeliously… and it is discusting. when kate has to curtsy to them in public (when willian isn’t present) they are going to look really stupid (not Kate) i think it is only going to be bad news for the royal family as they are more or less saying that kate isn’t fully excepted into the royal family!

  10. farmacia says:

    I agree with you BritRoyalWatcher.
    Unfortunately Americans refer to her as “Princess”.
    She is NOT a princess. Diana was officially a Princess.
    The Queen has worked very hard for 60 years and
    the wife of Prince William is not exactly seen in Britain as a very hard worker.
    That is why the Queen before the marriage sent Kate to:
    Get a job!

  11. Bridget from Cali says:

    That headline might be dramatizing it a bit. Although it might not be as obvious in other parts of society, there is always some kind of etiquette and pecking order. There’s no point in getting hurt or upset about that. The sooner you accept it, the happier you will be. In Western culture, royalty and the military are practically the last institutions that remain firmly entrenched in protocol. These groups have a clear chain of command. To that end, a curtsy is no more humiliating than a salute. It is a simply sign of respect to a senior rank. By marrying, Catherine bought into the monarchy and is therefore required to adhere to its traditions. Even if she dislikes the higher ranked individual (whether prince or princess in her case), it is still her responsibility to honor the title they hold. Better she should simply curtsey to them in honor of her husband, her Queen, and God. If she is able to make her salute with love and without rancor, she will be blessed for it. A little bowing and scraping won’t hurt Catherine. If she does it with the right attitude, it will only increase her character and regard. It might also teach her to be more compassionate toward others in that same position and inspire her to be a person worthy of such a tribute.

  12. Stephany Fofano says:

    they should allow Kate Middleton two be a princess whit William it is not fair how the other rules reacted towards her

  13. Stephany Fofano says:

    if a girl is not born into the royal family but married two a royal prince they do deserve two be called queen or Princess has long has they are nice like Kate Middleton

  14. It’s very demeaning in this modern day and age of mutual respect. It seems the Queen is still living in the past by enforcing this decadent rule in the modern era and humiliating Kate in such a way. There are still a number of issues with the Royal’s and holding on to tradition in a modern world, possibly one of the worst is the classification of cities which denies towns like Wrexham the chance of being a city just because it’s cathedral is Catholic and not Church of England, another medieval and decadent rule from the time of Cromwell that degrades Catholics that the Queen should have removed, but hasn’t yet.

    Also I notice in the article there is mention that eventually Kate will be Queen with William as King – that should be corrected, despite on a chess board you have a King and Queen, in real monarchies you NEVER have both a King and a Queen, you only have one or the other. If we had both King and Queen then that would make Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh a King as he is married to the Queen, but he is not, he is a Duke and Prince (and a very pleasant one, I had the honour of meeting him a few years ago when I gained my Gold D of E)

    • jasandmaf says:

      Actually if the royal is a female (and therefore a queen) the husband is a duke or prince as the title of king is a higher title and a person married into a family can’t have a higher title than their spouse. But if the royal is male (and a king) his wife is queen because it is a lower title to king and is therefore allowed.

  15. I don’t think its Humiliation from the Queen, and I don’t think it was out of spit.. What most aren’t realizing there are rules and guidelines to follow in the Royal line.. Things that are expected of one.. Anyone can marry into a Royal bloodline.. But very few are royal true Royalty born by blood.. This families bloodline goes back a long way.. And tradition demands all to show respect for the Royals threw the dawning of the ages now and far past. People need to understand, If your a person and you marry into a Royal family your expected to follow tradition. And one is to curtsy to those higher titled then you.. So everyone needs to get over it.. Tradition is just that Tradition.. If you don’t like it tough.. We all have things in life we don’t like.. But it doesn’t change..

  16. So what happens when the baby comes? Is she supposed to STILL cutsey to them when her child will be the future MONARCH??? RIDICULOUS!!!

  17. ferda@btinternet.com says:

    I can already see that they are doing exactly the same to Kate as they did with Diana.. Can’t they just leave them alone to get on with life, instead of humiliating them non stop, whats wrong with these people.. downright evil..