Prince William Forced to Choose Between Kate Middleton and Royal Air Force

Prince William Forced to Choose Between Kate Middleton and Royal Air Force

Prince William is being forced to choose between Kate Middleton and the Royal Air Force.  William has no choice but to make a life-altering decision. The Commanders of the Royal Air Force have told the helicopter pilot that he needs to decide by years end if he will continue flying with them.

The prince has spent the first year of married life working long shifts for the Royal Air force.  He has been stationed at their home base in Wales but is often sent overseas on extensive tours of duty.  Life & Style reports on the dilemma.

“He has not yet made a decision, but when he does, it will be in consultation with [officers] and, of course, his wife,” Nick Laughran, a spokesman for Prince William,

His career choice has weighed heavily on wife, Kate Middleton.  She has spent much of their first year as husband and wife, adjusting on her own.  The constant scrutiny has been rough at times and royal watchers have analyzed her dramatic weight loss and speculated on baby bumps in rapid succession.

“She worries about him flying all the time, but she wouldn’t ask him to step down, as she knows flying is a passion in his life,” a royal insider sharesThey’ve told friends they’ll start a family next year, when they move to a new home in Kensington Palace, so it would make sense for William to leave the Air Force then.  She doesn’t want him to quit for her,” notes the insider, “but because he feels it’s the right thing to do.”

 Do you think William will stay with the Royal Air Force or will he move on to something else?  Hit the comments below!

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