Princess Charlene Is Depressed At Not Being Able To Get Pregnant

Princess Charlene Is Depressed At Not Being Able To Get Pregnant

Princess Charlene Wittstock may be all smiles when she’s photographed at charity and red carpet events, but according to the Daily Mail, behind the closed doors of Monaco’s pink palace, the 34-year-old wife of Prince Albert is deeply depressed at not being able to get pregnant.

Reportedly, after Charlene tried to run away before her wedding (remember how she sobbed throughout the ceremony?) the couple struck a deal that the former Olympic swimmer would be able to leave the marriage after she produced a legitimate heir to the throne. Prince Albert already has two illegitimate children with women he had brief flings with, but Monaco law dictates that only a child born in wedlock may succeed him to become the next ruler of Monaco.

Charlene has made the subject of pregnancy a taboo topic around the Royal palace,” said a source to Voici magazine. “She might have a smile on her face at official functions, but inside she is stressed and frustrated.

Like Duchess Kate, Charlene was expected to get pregnant within a year of her wedding, and with her anniversary coming up in July, no doubt producing a child is weighing heavily on her mind. Related: Charlene Wittstock Fails To Escape Marriage To Prince Albert

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Photo Credit: Fame Flynet Inc.

  • Of
    course more gossip because there anniversary is coming up no proof as
    usual. If you dislike her so much why comment or have an article of
    her or him. I do not see where she was so depressed or sobbing
    through her whole wedding ceremony. She only cried when the choir was
    singing because she probably got emotional. Everyone has different
    emotions. Her family said she is happy and she seems happy and
    content. She has been with Prince Albert for years now and I do not
    think she would have gotten married if she did not want to. I have
    heard only good things about her and Prince Albert especially about
    how nice and down to earth they are. The only bad things I have
    started hearing was this runaway bride nonsense. Does anyone have any
    proof of another illegitimate child or her running away. Regardless
    of what people say about her or him are royalty forever and no one
    can take that from them. Rumors born completely out of jealousy about
    there family even when Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco. Some
    people have to tear others down to build themselves up. When she is
    ready to produce an heir she will.