Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol Drama Behind

Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol Drama Behind 0831

It was the worst kept secret in reality television but Randy Jackson is out at American Idol. According to TMZ the original judge is officially leaving the panel but is staying on the show as a mentor. Apparently no one thinks he’s particularly well-suited for this new venture but producers are afraid of ditching him all together since he’s the “glue” of the show and are too worried about overhauling everything and freaking out the loyal audience. This is the latest in a string of changes from the Idol bigwigs who have already fired parted ways with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez in an effort to bolster failing ratings.

So is Mariah Carey going to judge all by herself? Can we all sit back and imagine how amazing that would be? Alas, no, sources say Nicki Minaj is set to sit as far away from Mariah on that judge’s table as possible. The deal for Nicki is almost certain (and so are the rumors that Mariah is not happy about it) and the producers are obviously jumping for joy because women b-tching at each other is good for ratings.

TMZ also reports that Idol wants four judges and is particularly looking for someone in the country music field. Idol wanted Kanye West or P. Diddy to fill the fourth seat but it sounds like when they asked, the two dudes just looked at them and laughed. Mariah’s been hustling for her Precious co-star Lenny Kravitz and he’s actually been down with the idea. He’s supremely talented and would be amazing eye candy and his low-key vibes would be a good buffer between Mariah and Nicki’s inevitable histrionics.  What do you think?

Other names floating around include Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood. Would Carrie go back though? She’d fulfill the country aspect of the show. I don’t know. I get a “I’m too good for America Idol now” vibe from her. Anyone out there have any better ideas? Are you sad to see Randy go? How do you think Randy Jackson’s absence will affect the show?

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4 responses to “Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol Drama Behind”

  1. Aime Smith says:


  2. Carson says:

    Randy seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s been useless as a judge since the beginning and the last 2 years all he has done is pimp the show from his judge’s seat. “Best we ever had on this stage, Dawg,” to a few of the mediocre talents. And he went with Steven and JLo in the “feel good” critiques for those they liked, which gave those people false hopes that they might succeed in the cutthroat music industry. The only person they picked on mercilessly a few seasons ago, Haley Reinhart, is the only one seeming to do well. Anyway, not going to miss Randy. Now, as far as judging goes, Adam Lambert is the only person knowledgeable and self-less enough to actually be a judge and not take every second on camera to promote himself. Mariah, diva. Nicki, please! I’ve only had a passing interest (DVR, condense 2 hrs to 15 min) interest in the show the last few years and it will be an entire no-go from now on if it is as lame as the melodrama forcasts.
    Yep, for me, “look at me, look at me” judges, is a death knell.
    At this point with those in contention, I guess it’s Adam or nothing for me.

  3. kathy says:

    The show sounds like a train wreck. I could care less to see Mariah Carey on the show and won’t watch because of her. She can barely talk. Nicki Minaj is even worse. The only thing that will get me to watch that show is Adam Lambert so I hope they give him a seat. At least he is well spoken and has a viewpoint and is very handsome. If they want that show to survive they had better give him a place at the judging panel or this will be the last year of Idol. At least his many fans would tune him to see him each week.

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