Report: Expert Evidence That Miley Cyrus Is Anorexic

Report: Expert Evidence That Miley Cyrus Is Anorexic

A report from a weight loss expert has confirmed that Miley Cyrus is way too thin and any further weight loss would move her into the danger zone.  As we reported on CDL this week, Miley Cyrus’ latest cries for attention both indicate and are symptomatic of anorexia.

Although Miley has denied the anorexia claims she is looking and acting the part of an anorexic. This comes as no surprise as Miley desperately wants to get into the limelight by any means she can.  Obviously the success of The Hunger Games has moved her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth too far ahead in terms of popularity and her own fading reputation is driving Miley nuts.

There have been several incidents lately that indicate that Miley is acting out and desperately craving attention.  The most extreme occurred a few days ago when Miley shocked everyone by flashing her bare naked crotch to paparrazi as she left her exercise class.

We cannot post the picture because it is NSFW but we can provide the link.  Warning NSFW (PHOTO HERE)

Hollywood Life exclusively reports:  A weight loss expert tells Hollywood Life exclusively that if Miley loses any more weight, she’ll be way too thin.  While there’s no denying that Miley’s body looks great these days, a weight loss expert cautions the superstar not to drop any more pounds.

 “Miley should continue with her current fitness and healthy eating routine, but she definitely shouldn’t lose another pound or she could end up looking way too fragile and downright boney,” Alicia Hunter, weight loss coach and author of The Accidental Diet: From Fugly to Fox.

“Miley looks very toned and sleek — just check out those trim abs! — but I’d caution her about consuming any less calories than she presently is. Her collar bone is starting to look way too defined and her arms are becoming very thin.”

Alicia estimates that the 5’5? star has gone from 135 pounds to 115 pounds in the last year alone. “Miley looks like she’s lost a slew of inches around her waist and her face is much more defined,” explains Alicia.  It doesn’t look like she could even pinch a half-inch of fat anywhere on her body.”

There you have it – a weight loss expert confirms that Miley is on the verge of being dangerously thin.  Is this going to be a problem for Miley?  Will she be able to stay healthy while continuing to starve herself on the pretense of being on a ‘gluten free’ diet?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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4 responses to “Report: Expert Evidence That Miley Cyrus Is Anorexic”

  1. Butt says:

    Last year, the tabloids were going on about how chunky she was, and now this.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. goochiegrl says:

    Miley Cyrus is far from anorexic!  She’s in shape.  If she was a pound heavier, she’d be fat by the media’s standards!  Leave the girl alone!  I don’t see hip bones sticking out.  If you want to lambast someone for being anorexic, look at Angelina Jolie.  She could afford to eat a couple hoagies and a large pizza.  

  3. SJG says:

    She looks fine. Anyway, why’s her body anyone else’s business?

  4. Alexana says:

    Isn’t she a smoker? That could be a factor in her weight loss.