Report: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Married: David Refuses Denial!

Report: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Married: David Refuses Denial! 0925

The are they or aren’t they rumors swirling around Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are getting even more sensational with the news the X-Files co-stars might have gotten hitched right under our very noses!

It was only a month ago when CDL reported that Gillian and David were living together after she announced her separation from boyfriend of six years, Mark Griffiths. But now a source is telling us that they aren’t just shacking up. No, Gillian and David made it official two years ago in Vancouver! “I know they got married in Vancouver two years ago, around august,” the source says, “but those docs must be under seven keys.”

The source also adds that the secretive couple made an appearance at the Soho House Emmy Party Sunday night. I haven’t been able to confirm that. I couldn’t find any pics and no one’s mentioned it which seems strange. There’s a lot of buzz around these two, if they showed up at a party together then somebody would have talked by now, right?

One thing’s for sure though, David’s not talking. Yesterday, Enty Lawyer tweeted about running into Duchovny and asking him about his relationship. “Just ran into David Duchovny outside Ken Paves salon. Asked him point blank about Gillian Anderson. He said ‘no comment.'” Well… that’s not a denial, right?

So does all this add up to a marriage? I don’t know. I can believe Gillian and David are dating. I can get behind neighbors spotting them swimming together at their pad but I don’t know if I’m on the marriage train. How could they get married two years ago and there not be any pictures or whispers? That would be one of the best cover ups in Hollywood history – like Janet Jackson/Rene Elizondo caliber secrecy! I know a lot of us out there want it to be true but we just can’t will a wedding!

But if Gillian and David did get married two years ago that would mean that it happened pretty quickly after he and Tea Leoni divorced. No one can seem to pinpoint when that divorce happened (or if it happened at all) but most seem to think sometime in 2009. If the source’s timeline is correct, is it safe to think David left Tea for Gillian? Is that why they wanted to keep the wedding a secret because it might make Gillian look like a home wrecker? But wasn’t Gillian with Griffiths at that time or were they separated and just waiting to announce? This is such a tangled web! We do know that Gillian was with Griffiths in 2008 because she gave birth to their second child that year. BUT that was also the year The X-Files: I Want to Believe hit theaters so Gillian and David were around each other a lot at that time. Could sparks have been flying?

What do you make of the newest rumors? If Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny married wouldn’t there be some proof? But if we know anything about these two it’s that they’re uber private and not about letting the world in on their relationship. Still… there haven’t been any photos… could the friends really just be friends after all?

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47 responses to “Report: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Married: David Refuses Denial!”

  1. Flo says:


  2. Truth says:

    Stupid lies, this blog only posts crap!

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  4. Bingo says:

    The truth is right here.

  5. LK says:


  6. Elwood says:

    Why not something you could proof now. So this no one is going to believe and blames yourself. Sadly, I had so much hope. Now the haters and mindless rabids are laughing at you and at snoggers.

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  8. Penny Evans says:

    I think these reporters are thicker than pig shit. That picture is from the London premiere of the second XF movie – as I was there!

  9. rightok says:

    this is all talks and bs unless they produce pics or something. they were in different countries.

  10. dee910 says:

    I can believe in a long distance romance, but the marriage story makes no sense. They’ve been seen together publicly only twice in the past two years.

  11. T-Leoni says:

    I want to believe…. that there are more serios newssites on the web who don´t write every nonsens fantasy down than this site!

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  13. Rxr says:

    Tea and David were split long before the actual divorce and she was dating other people. I don’t know about Gillian’s relationship however.

  14. ktyhoney3 says:

    the truth is out there…ha

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  16. MalibuGal says:

    If they were really married it would be a matter of Public Record, and it couldn’t be kept a secret. The paparazzi and news people would have found out immediately. So I say baloney.

  17. Leigh Anna says:

    I thought she was/is a switch hitter???

  18. Sylvia says:

    Really stop with this gillian and david thing, is getting more and more ridiculous.

  19. Bluez says:

    David and Tea divorced in 2009. David and Gillian married in 2010. Court records are sealed or this would’ve come out years ago.

  20. sammyk says:

    not that I’m even buying this load of BS. But, can a marriage actually be hidden from the public? Can you seal marriage certificates? Aren’t they a matter of public record? I’m asking seriously, not trying to start a fight or anything.

  21. DANA SCULLY says:


  22. Bluez says:

    Ever hear of this new thing called airplanes? Lots of travel. Him to London. Her to NY and LA. Also, not every celebrity is photographed every time they travel.

    • scully'seyebrow says:

      ever hear of paparazi spreading ridiculous rumors because they need attention and a paycheck? because this is practically the primary example of it.

    • GillianFan says:

      Sure, people can fly back and forth. And yes, they may not be photographed when they fly, but why would two people LIE about being married? Gillian has flat out denied the rumors (see her official blog). David has yet to comment that I’m aware of. Documents of this supposed union would be a matter of public record. This story is fake, hurtful to the people involved, and being used by this website to make money. Enough already!

      • factchecker says:

        Actually David did comment on the Living Together rumor, said not true but they were still good friends. Gillian posted about the journalist who wrote a story about her being bi/gay, i don’t think she ever commented on these David rumors. Nothing on her site.
        The whole marriage thing is RIDIC, despite them being kinda adorable when together

  23. nonya says:

    strange that a lot of folks who don’t believe the whole duchovny/anderson deal, still find time to keep a look out on this site and keep commenting. If its all bs then why bother responding? Move on.

  24. really says:

    seems like it would be hard to keep a secret but if its true i wish they would provide some proof. at least someone would have seen them together by now. why isnt it on tmz?

  25. Chris says:

    David and Gillian can’t be married. Cause he is still married to Tea Leoni. Let’s not forget that David and Tea seperated again last year. So how the hell did he and Gillian get married in 2009.

  26. X-FBI says:

    Close you eyes, open your mind widely. Soon, you’ll believe.

  27. Doriss says:

    David I Love You…..

  28. K@reN says:

    All this is true! and believe that very soon the truth will come to light!
    I recommend reading this blog from the beginning and read it all! It is very revealing! :)

  29. K@reN says:

    All this is true! and believe that very soon the truth will come to light!
    I recommend reading this blog from the beginning and read it all! It is very revealing! :)

  30. RT2K12 says:

    This is rubbish. Hearsay and conjecture. Burden of proof is all yours CDL.

  31. Space 1999 says:

    I want to believe! DnG forever!

  32. eleopetric says:

    Ya quiero que salga a la Luz ese maldito Divorcio! basta de mentiras!! ya es hora de que se sepa la verdad y las leovnys y Markianas se van a querer matar! todos los rumores son ciertos 100% Verdad!! no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver jeje! el que ríe ultimo ríe mejor!

  33. eleopetric says:

    100 %VERDAD!! todo va a salir a la luz pronto! los que conocemos bien la historia sabemos como funciona y que hay demasiada tela para contar sobre David y Gillian con la Leoni esta divorciado legalmente hace 4 años! y si se caso con Gillian tanto cuesta creer! no hay peor ciego q el q no quiere ver!

    • itt says:

      Tu crees? No se esto parece no calzar, por mas que quiera creer, esto me parece algo ridiculo.
      Pero quien sabe, tal vez sea verdad

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  35. Pamela Reid says:

    I hope its true they are absolutely awesome together.

  36. bkCENTURIES say, This can’t be true, because all I want for X-mas is Gillian Anderson! best, bk. (P.S.) A X-mas song just for you on Christmas, mate

  37. Melissa42 says:

    It’s not about the money. It’s about the desire to remain private. They have good attorneys for this.