Report: Jason Trawick Cheated On Britney Spears – Is She Going To Go Crazy Again?

Report: Jason Trawick Cheated On Britney Spears – Is She Going To Go Crazy Again?

What do you get when you mix Jason Trawick, the fiancé of Britney “So Mean” Spears, with the exotic duo of Alina and Malina? Another cheating scandal for the record books! Look away Kristen Stewart! According to OK! Magazine, as reported by Jezebel, Jason allegedly became wasted and ended up at the W Hollywood Hotel with friends and two “exotic dancers” named Alina and Malina – we’re honestly hoping they weren’t the Milli Vanilli of exotic dancers.

Several days after this little indiscretion, Brit-Brit was seen without her engagement ring. What happened to the ring Britney? Did you “forget” to wear it when you left home? We really don’t  believe Jason Trawick would cheat on the melted Britney face, but then again, we didn’t believe that the Kardashians would be immoral buffoons in a sea of Honey Boo Boo faces, now did we?

What would this mean to the future stability of our lovely Britney? She has gone off the rails quicker than a Somali speed train in the past, so perhaps the X-Factor judge might be able to keep her emotional innards intact this time around? It’s usually very depressing to see a celebrity lose their marbles and eat cement for a week. However, throughout all the trials and tribulations, she somehow managed to revive her career and kick start it like a trailer park brawl. We respect her for that. She’s fun to watch on The X-Factor, even though her face melts more often than ice cream in the African sun.

Jason, if you managed to cheat on Britney with Milli Vanilli, you deserve to get the biggest bitch slap in the history of bitch slaps. May you get lost in Lego Land and traverse the streets of teeny tiny Lego blocks while wearing nothing but a thong and Kristen Stewart’s perfume. Bitch.

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Photo Credit: FAMEFLYNET