Report: Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian To Split With Scott Disick

Report: Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian To Split With Scott Disick

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian just can’t take the stress and misery that boyfriend Scott Disick is putting her through.  Kourtney feels abandoned and totally betrayed by Scott as she spends sad and lonely nights at home while Scott is off clubbing and up to his womanizing tricks.

It’s been a hard pregnancy for Kourtney and according to a friend ‘Scott has been useless.’ As Scott parties up a storm in an apparent attempt to hide from the fact that he and Kourtney are going to be parents for the second time, Kourtney expresses her misery on Twitter.

‘Watched Blue Valentine last night hysterically crying, Kourtney tweeted on March 26.

Adding, ‘So depressing how people can be so in love, and then it just goes away.’

According to In Touch Print Edition, April16 four days after Kourtney’s sad tweet, her selfish and immature boyfriend, Scott, was spotted thousands of miles away at Miami’s LIV nightclub partying with Jonathan Cheban.  Even worse, Jonathan seemed to be serving as Scott’s wingman as he flirted with dozens of girls.

A witness reports:  ‘They were at the owner’s table and Scott was definitely drinking.’  ‘He was chatting girls up until 4 am.’

Kourtney is desperate and is schlepping an indifferent Scott to therapy in the vain hope that he might surprise her and grow up.  But with Scott making clandestine moves to find his own place and move out it seems Kourtney needs to prepare herself to move on alone.  A friend says that Scott’s future doesn’t include Kourtney as he intends to become a NYC nightclub owner.

According to a pal of Kourtney’s ‘she never even talks about getting married anymore, it’s sad.’ It is an old story… a couple has problems and thinks that having another child will solve them.  This rarely works since the basic flaws in the relationship are still present.  The added stress of another pregnancy and child is likely to strain the relationship further – I mean who does better under more stress?  Okay, we mean who does better under more stress besides Michael Jordon!

Do you expect a split between Kourtney and Scott to be announced any day?  Or do you think they can mend their troubles and move on as a happy couple?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  • kayeassc

    Good girl, Kourtney, you took Mom’s advise to create problems in your relationship to increase the ratings!!!  Love your loyalty to the brand.

  • Dash_58

    Kourtney get over yourself, Scotts tries so hard to impress you on Kepping Up with The Kardashians and you just ignore him !!! His like the best hes the funniest person ever …….

  • amdls

    Kurt you are strong i nkow that love you