Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 “Confidence” Recap 10/14/12

Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 “Confidence” Recap 10/14/12

Tonight on ABC a whole new episode of Revenge airs called “Confidence.” On tonight’s show the Graysons are back in the spotlight and at the center of a media storm once again, while Emily’s past continues to haunt her. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Victoria’s escaped from death was exposed, Conrad and the rest of the family learning that she’s was still alive. Charlotte unknowingly helped Emily put her plan for revenge into effect. In order to take Charlotte away from Victoria, Emily decided to call up Daniel and let him know about the dirt she’s dug up on Charlotte’s rehab doctor. After going for a paternity test, Jack and Amanda arrived back at the bar. She got a text and told Jack that Emily is taking her shopping for baby clothes.

On tonight’s show Emily’s past continues to haunt her.  As the promo for this week says, “Keep your friends close but this enemy closer.”  Ooohhh, that sounds ominous… It looks like Jack and Amanda Clarke are getting closer – check out the photo of the two about.  Since a recent paternity test revealed he was the father of Amanda’s baby he is getting closer to Amanda.  Jack and Amanda are not the only two going to be kissing in this week’s episode Jack and Emily are also seen kissing.  You just know there is going to be lots of drama on tonight’s show.

Tonight’s Revenge episode 3 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Revenge — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Revenge? Check out a Sneak peek video and photos of tonight’s episode below!


We open with a flashback to four years ago in Japan with Emily and a mystery guy running from vicious dogs trying to escape from somewhere. It was a race Takeda was running between Emily and Aidan – Emily loses because she’s not ruthless enough.

The white haired man had Emily held down with a knife to her throat and Aidan kills him. She tells him to tell Takeda she doesn’t need help and he reveals her mentor didn’t send him.

Victoria and Daniel stare down at the lights on in Emily’s house and muse on what she’s doing.

Flashback to Victoria’s fatal flight (or is it – the FB shows what Victoria’s telling Daniel). The white haired man called to tell her if she’d split Charlotte’s inheritance, he wouldn’t kill her.

Emily and Aidan search the white haired man and they find a wallet and we finally have a name – Gordon Murphy. Victoria calls Emily and

Aidan takes something from Gordon’s body and hides it in his sock. Aidan wants Gordon’s phone to try to track down the terror group – the Initiative. Emily won’t give up the phone because she thinks it will lead her to her mother.

Emily knocks Aidan out with a wine bottle as he’s preparing to help her get rid of Gordon’s body.

Declan and his slimy new buddy Trey rob a rich Hampton’s home.

Was Amanda knocking back whiskey while pretending to drink warm milk? Not good for whomever’s baby that is. Amanda and Jack get in an argument over Charlotte’s lavish baby gift to her presumed half-sister. Jack tells her to give it back.

Ashley confirms Victoria’s interview with Vanity Fair and the family discusses media handling approaches.

Emily’s at Nolan’s office and he introduces her to his new CFO Padma, but he doesn’t know how to explain who Emily is to him.

Aidan wakes up as he’s being dumped by a trash truck just in the nick of time. He finds keys and a Japan Air ticket in his pocket.

Emily meets with Victoria and asks her what the stance will be on her miraculous reappearance. Victoria tells her to play dumb. Emily asks her if she and Charlotte will be safe in the house with Conrad. Victoria tells her that she’s concerned about Emily’s safety and she tells her she’s been cut off from the Graysons immediately for her own good and has security remove her.

Masquerading as “Detective Laskey,” Aidan shows up to the hotel the keys led him to and he finds a flight recorder which he stashed in a pillow case. Confronted by the manager, he tells her fake police creds and then bails. A quick call confirms he’s not really a cop, but it’s too late – he’s clean away.

The hotel manager looks awfully familiar… Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily’s mom!! Cool casting. And she’s not dead…

Emily asks Amanda to take something to Charlotte and she refuses saying she can’t risk her new family. Emily’s not pleased.

Amanda calls Nolan for an update on Gordon’s destroyed phone. It’s he couldn’t recover anything because the SIM card was blank!

Emily and Nolan discuss something big breaking on the 10 o’clock news. Jack’s nearby and hears. Jack tells Emily the paternity test confirms the baby’s his. She congratulates him and he asks her opinion on paint colors. She tells him to ask Amanda. Jack thanks her for being godmother and being a friend to all of them.

Victoria and Conrad have a mini-confrontation – he accuses her of continuing to work with Gordon. He tells her he doesn’t trust her – Victoria she tells him she’s leaving for good at the end of the summer and it won’t be his problem anymore. Conrad says that’s a long way off.

Nolan turns up to Emily’s dark house and is attacked by Aidan. Emily stops him. Nolan wants to know “why does this keep happening to me?”

She asks Nolan for the SIM card and Nolan reminds her it was empty… That must be what Aidan did – pulled a SIM card switcheroo. Aidan tells Emily he has the flight recorder from Victoria’s flight. I guess the keys didn’t come from her!

They make a trade – she gets the recorder, Aidan gets everything Gordon had on him when he died.

Another flashback to Japan when Aidan and Emily were both in training with Takeda. She’s angry that he bear her in the maze race with chicanery. Aiden then tells her he’s leaving training early to go save his sister that Takeda has located. Emily wants to come with her – she doesn’t want to lose him too. They kiss. Ooh. He tells her to meet him in the maze at midnight. I bet he wasn’t there…

Back in the present Emily comments on Aidan being unable to save his sister. She tells him good-bye and he leaves. Amanda held something back – it’s a pocket watch with a photo of her mom in it! Boy these two really don’t trust each other – with good reason.

Nolan’s packing up his stuff at Emily’s house – she’s kicked him to the curb. Emily refuses to tell her compadre who Aidan is and what he means to her. She tells him the white haired man is dead, name was Gordon Murphy and he also found a bottle of pills on him – for an anti-psychotic medication. She theorizes to Nolan that the meds are her moms and that Gordon was intimately involved with her. Nolan tells Emily she’ll find her mom and he leaves.

Amanda lies to Jack and tells her Emily’s taking her baby shopping. He says to tell Emily “thank you” for him and he says he feels like he’s been thanking her a lot lately. Amanda doesn’t like that.

Kenny Daughtry shows up at Jack’s bar and shows him Declan’s license and asks if he knows him – he says it’s his brother and Kenny says they need to talk.

Against Victoria’s order, Emily shows up at the Grayson home – there’s press everywhere and it’s chaos. She tells Daniel his mom banned her and she wanted to make sure he didn’t feel the same way. Daniel’s handed a typewritten note with a passport (I think – it went by rapidly) and he says it confirms every bad thing he thinks about his mother. He bails on Emily – looks like he’s going for a head-to-head with his evil mom.

Declan shows up and is confronted by Jack and Kenny. Kenny says he saw two of them running away, but Declan doesn’t give up Trey. Jack offers to drag Declan down to the police station, but Kenny says if Declan returns what’s taken he won’t press charges. He tells Declan to bring it all by.

Amanda shows up in Charlotte’s room – she snuck in! Amanda gives Charlotte a diary their father kept in prison and says she should read it but be prepared for the worst.

Victoria’s trumped up interview with Vanity Fair is interrupted by an angry Charlotte who gives the reporter the scoop that her real father is David Clarke.

Daniel brings Conrad the note and Victoria’s passport in the fake name and he tells Conrad Victoria was planning to bail on them. Charlotte revealed she knew as well. Daniel is livid and Victoria slams him back for not listening to the evidence she gave him about Conrad.

Conrad and Victoria are in a lie-off and it’s epic! Victoria says she’s going to put a stop to it right then. She opens the doors to find Emily giving her the evil eye. Daniel apologizes to Emily who tells him the only way to beat Victoria is to play the game better than she does.

Emily runs into Amanda who tells her she has to stay for whatever Victoria’s revelation is. Amanda wants to leave but Emily tells her if she goes, she’ll tell Jack the baby’s not his.

Victoria addresses the press and tells them her ordeal has made her want to live in truth. She reveals to one and all that David Clarke is Charlotte’s dead. She invites Char to the stage and she goes reluctantly. Conrad gets a mystery call who tells him they are taking action and will be in tough… Heavy stuff…

She then calls Conrad and Daniel up on stage. Will Dan go? He finally does (surprise) and Victoria continues saying she needs to welcome one other person up – she invited Amanda up and introduces her as Char’s half-sister!

Victoria says she won’t be intimidated by her kidnapper or anyone else. Emily is taken aback by the announcement as is Ashley. Neither looks pleased by Victoria coming clean. Well, not really clean, but pretty clean by Grayson standards!

Back at Grayson manor, Victoria thanks Daniel for his solidarity. He tells her he can put it all behind her if she can and they hug it out. Conrad comes in sarcasm first with the VF reporter who says Conrad gave her a scoop – their wedding! What? In Tuscany apparently…

Conrad tells her he got a call from Gordon (white hair’s) employers and he’s their target now. Victoria tells him he’s a fool who’s put the family back into danger. He counters and says it’s her fault.

Amanda comes home and finds Jack angry about her “new family.” Jack tells her Declan is the most important thing to him and that he was wrong about trying to control her relationship with her family. He tells her he’s committed to the child but not her! What? He’s tired of her lies – who wouldn’t be? She’s devastated.

Emily and Aidan meet and it’s revealed that he sent the passport to Daniel to shake up the Grayson’s and get the Initiative back into action so the pair of them can chase them down.

Flashback #3 – Emily’s in the maze and (no surprise) Aidan’s not there. Takeda is and he tells her “your lover is gone. He chose to leave you.” He tells her she has to close her heart and not open herself up to betrayal!

Back in the now – Emily tells Aidan to leave. He asks her to trust him and tells her sorry (yet again). He leaves her the flight recorder and he’s in the wind. Emily listens to Gordon’s voice mail and it’s her mom telling him about “Detective Laskey” showing up at the hotel. She says “I love you.” Great – Emily and her pal killed her mom’s boyfriend.

What an episode – so much material left hanging for next week!

Be here for our next AMAZING live recap next week!

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