Review Of ‘The Hunger Games’: Was It A Bullseye, Or Did They Merely Graze The Target?

Review Of 'The Hunger Games': Was It A Bullseye, Or Did They Merely Graze The Target?

Attention all citizens of CDL, The Hunger Games have arrived. After many months of incredible hype, countless prophetic articles regarding the film’s sure-fire success, and an innumerable amount of promotional pictures (ones people sunk their teeth into as if a juicy steak) being thrown across every inch of the web, some of us can finally say we’ve made the journey into Panem.

And, now that the film has made its debut, the question on everyone person’s mind: Was the film as good as people hoped it would be? Did it hit that bullseye that everyone knew it would hit — or did it just graze the target?

All-in-all the film was quite good, and actors Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson definitely strove to bring a sincerity to the characters that most would’ve struggled to achieve. Of course there were some cheesy acting moments, such as the period when Katniss and Peeta — healing each other’s wounds (and Peeta’s attempt to capture Katniss’s heart) — are in the cave. Josh Hutcherson also brings an unusual quirkiness to the Peeta character, which is quite humorous and, for the most part, endearing and lasting. Liam Hemsowrth’s role in this first episode of the soon-to-be series of films was a relatively small one, but we’ll see that role expand in the future.

The world of Panem was colorful and vibrant, and director Gary Ross did well in capturing the overall atmospheres of each district — the grittiness Suzanne Collins paints in her novel. Against the backdrop of the incredibly futuristic Capitol, spacey in its appearance, the entire world had an interesting feel that fans of the books will be excited to explore. The element of disparity (outlying districts) vs. excess (The Capitol) was done particularly well.

The character portrayals were particularly lovely and, aside from the main cast, the people who steal the show (for me anyway) are actors Woody Harrelson (as Haymitch), Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman), and actress Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket). I’m still extremely unsure about my feelings regarding one particularly actor and his portrayal of one particular stylist: Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. I was nervous going into the film and now, after seeing it, I still have mixed feelings regarding Cinna. For those who’ve seen the film already, what did you think of Lenny’s performance/interpretation of Katniss’s close pal Cinna?

My biggest beef with the film was the mockingjay pin — they changed the way in which Katniss goes about acquiring it. It’s a relatively small detail, but it’s one that fans of the book will immediately recognize and, possibly, be slightly irritated with. It’s one of those details that makes you wonder: Why didn’t you just leave it the same?

While the film wasn’t perfect, and certain liberties were taken to effectively adapt Collins’s story to screen, there were so many magical moments that will leave both fans and newcomers to the world of Panem full of wonder.

Apparently director Gary Ross took some lessons in archery from Katniss Everdeen, because this movie was right on target. A deadly and lethal bullseye. Let us know what you thought of the film if you’ve seen it! We want to hear about your loves and beefs with the film. Leave your comments below. As always . . . May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

Image Credit to: Vanity Fair

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